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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Release: DISE

Finally - as promised - here's an update. :)
Not a lot of changes but I think some of them are meaningful. :)


  • Added user preferences for merging of items to inventory lists' context menu:
    • Merge mods. Mod blueprints will not be taken into consideration when this is enabled. Disabled by default.
    • Merge chainsaws. Chainsaws will be merged. Disabled by default.
  • Skill tweak "Enemies won't attack" modifies another skill to prevent it from canceling out the effect of this tweak.
  • Changed the URL for the news, since I'm using my own script to generate the news box now. No need to be alarmed if your software firewall makes notice of it. :)
  • On the Misc. tab, made "Infinite health and stamina" free. Nothing else was changed, so it's still not  - and probably never will be - stable for use on the Xbox.
  • Installer doesn't require admin privileges anymore. If you run it normally, the default root installation folder will be %localappdata%. If you run it as admin, it'll be %programfiles%. To get the same behavior as before, simply run as admin (on Windows Vista/7, right-click > Run as Administrator). I realize that some people are paranoid and others are simply careful. :)
  • Updated/Improved Norwegian translation for v0.0.55.31.
  • Various smaller UI/text changes.
  • Changed text for resetting personal statistics and challenges, to include achievements.
  • Raised the max skill point limit for the free edition. Old limit was 8-10; new limit is 14-16. Currently affected tweaks (and are now better):
    • Moderate weapon damage boost.
    • Somewhat improved force with blunt/two-handed weapons.
    • Moderate stamina and regeneration boost.
    • Moderate ammo capacity boost.
    • Medkits heal you completely.
    • Moderate backpack slot boost.
  • When you have 3rd party/custom items in your inventory (which are unknown to DISE), DISE tries to categorize them based on their internal name (Melee_, Firearm_, etc).


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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Contribution Center (beta) goes live!

What is it?
This is the website I've been working on while not working on DISE itself. It collects information, initiates payments and processes everything automatically.

I have been manually taking care of answering e-mails related to payments, key generation, etc. This website will take care of all this to make things easier and faster for both you and me. It's available 24/7 (assuming the system is running properly). :)

You can find the new info page here or use the usual button/link.

Beta status
I've done a lot of testing with some help from my special one, but it's beta because I have more ideas for the contribution center later. Of course, should anything go wrong, I can blame it on the beta status. ;)

Contributions instead of donations?
You can search for horror stories online about PayPal donation buttons, and you will understand why I don't even use the word "donation" anymore.

When is the next update for DISE?
I have promised that once this site went live, I would have more time for DISE. An update should follow some days afterwards, and it will mostly be a smaller update. It has taken more time than I planned, and I'm sorry if you have been waiting. While taking it a bit easy the following days, I'll be preparing DISE as well. :)

What do you think about this?
I hope don...contributions (phew, almost said the wrong word) will go even more smoothly from now on, even if I usually replied within minutes before. If you have the chance, I would love to know what you think about this, whether you have contributed already or not :)

Thank you! :D