If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Release: Alpha 55

I wish I had a clever (and legal) way to completely eliminate the need to update like this.

Update: DISE is out for testing!

What's new
  • Restores the sync feature, again.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Release: Alpha 54 (only fixes syncing)

I managed to use the code from alpha 53 and copied the missing parts from the latest code. Syncing works again, and I haven't experienced any crashes. Please report any unusual errors if you haven't reported them already.

I'm still not finished with the next real release (having some decision problems at the moment).

What's new
  • Nothing this time (not even bugfixes). Only restores the sync feature.

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Steam has been updated, breaks syncing (update 2)

I'm still in the middle of working on a new updating system for DISE to improve things for whenever Steam updates.

I've been developing the database, backend/admin web interface to manage it, from scratch. Integrating it in DISE at the same time as well. I didn't have anything advanced before, nor could I find any existing systems I could use. Thanks for your patience! :)

There are also many things I've never even done before and I'm also spending some time simply deciding how things should work. I've learned so much already just from working on DISE! :D

At least I can try to simply update DISE alpha 53 soon, to make syncing work again. There will be nothing new before the next real release. :)

Please see update #2!

I regret to inform you that something bad happened with the code for DISE alpha 53. I have lost some of it, and it has changes it's not supposed to have. It makes the job harder to simply update DISE alpha 53 if I have to patch something together from both new and old code. :( I have backups but I'm not sure if they are good either. Anyway, I'll keep working hard(er).

Update 2
Alpha 54 (only fixes syncing) was released.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Release: Trainer r7.1

There are no new options this time since I'm busy with something for DISE, but it will be useful for some people with large text (high DPI).

Edit: Sorry, I included the wrong link earlier (pointed to the previous version).

What's new
  • Improved compatibility with large text/high DPI. It does not look perfect but it's better. Tested with 100%, 125% and 150% on Windows 7.
  • Added more helpful text.
Usage help (same as clicking Help in the trainer):
Start the game after starting this trainer. In-game, simply press the button combination (hotkey) to activate/deactivate options.

A sound will be emitted when the code is activated, deactivated, as well as when it didn't work for some reason, and in which case you'll hear the same sound on consequent hotkey presses.

If you use the numpad keys (such as Num 1), make sure that Num Lock is on (you probably know Caps Lock, and there's also Num Lock).

If a hotkey is in use in another program, you can easily choose a different hotkey in the trainer.
Download - Try this one if your anti-virus complains