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Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Release: DISE v0.1.7.3-hotfix1

This is a hotfix built in May 2014. It contains a few important fixes, and maybe some minor ones which I cannot recall. I did not consider it ready enough for official release at that time, but as I believe it has not made DISE any worse (only better), I am releasing this fix officially right now.


  • Fixed USB flash drive not being detected in some cases (PS3).
  • Replaced the URL for the news area (currently no content there). This fixes malicious content in the news area.
  • If I recall other things, I will add them here.


dise- | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (10.1 MB)

Beware of scams in news area in DISE v0.1.7.3

Dear users and fans of DISE,

I have an urgent message for you, so this will not be a lenghty post.

First of all, I am sorry for the lack of updates and responses lately. I am trying to recover after burning myself out completely a while back... But this is not why I write this post.

I was made aware that DISE shows malicious content in the news area, and I have verified it for myself. For example, I saw a fake Norwegian news site; someone else saw a fake virus threat and a popup message telling the user to call some phone number.

Any strange popup messages you may see right after starting DISE, and anything you see in the news area, is malicious – made to scam people. Please DO NOT click any links in the news area, and do not believe any strange text in there or in popup messages.

In just a moment, I will officially release a hotfix I have been giving people via e-mail for a while.

DISE v0.1.7.3-hotfix1 provides a fix for the issue mentioned in this post.

Saturday, February 7, 2015

Release: EDI tools (version 41e1594)

Download (1.61 MB)


  • Fixed a silly and harmless bug.

Release: EDI tools (version 7b00a1b)

Download (1.61 MB)


  • Improved error-handling when attempting to save when the PlayStation 3 USB device was unplugged.

Friday, February 6, 2015

Release: EDI tools (version c05cb90)

Download (1.61 MB)


  • Added experimental support for PlayStation 3.
  • Use modern file/folder dialogs on Windows Vista and later OS.


All I did here was to start a new game, then swap out the ninja skin. You can see that we still have the katana.

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dying Light save editor, trainer, and a need for a good name

It's a bit early to say anything conclusive about whether there will actually be a save editor, game trainer, or even other modding tools; however, I would like to take this opportunity to ask you to spare a little time to tell me where your interest lies.

If you can't find the right question, or wish to elaborate on your answer, I would appreciate your comment!

Giveaway: I'm giving away keys for DISE and future Dying Light save editor to those who have the best suggestions! See details below.

Follow me on twitter to get the latest updates as soon as they're available.

Would you like a save editor for Dying Light?

Would you like a trainer for Dying Light (PC)?

Edit: I've become aware of a trainer made by MrAntiFun. If his trainer is good enough, then I don't need to prioritize making one of my own. My potential future trainer would however be compatible with all possible versions of the game, and include a super-jumping feature; maybe even an in-game overlay depending on how much effort it's sensible to put into it.

What would be a good name for the Dying Light save editor?

DISE is a cool name because it's pronounced just like the word "dice"; had DISE been split into two versions (one for Dead Island, one for Riptide), a fitting name could have been RISE, because it's similar and can be pronounced just like "rice".

Now the question is: What's a good name for a game-save editor for Dying Light?

My first idea for a name was "Dylise" (Dying Light Save Editor) and similar variants. I don't think it's a bad name, I just don't feel that it's the best name.

Please choose the name you prefer or comment with a suggestion.


Suggest a good name and – as a small token of appreciation – I'll give you premium features for DISE for free! If there will be a Dying Light save editor and premium features, you'll get that as well for free in the future!

Exactly when you'll get your free key(s) hasn't been decided yet, but I'll need time to actually receive suggestions, and of course review them suggestions internally. I might post another poll later with all of the suggestions, or just the best ones.


  • Please elaborate a little bit, not just list a random word without any further explanation as to why you suggested the name.
  • If someone posted a suggestion before you, theirs will count and yours won't. You're free to comment more on the name but it won't earn you bonus points.
  • You don't have to be one of the first to suggest a good name. Even if you're last, your suggestion counts!

Dying Light has been released!

If you haven't heard of Techland's new game Dying Light, you should probably check it out!

I've received quite a few inquiries regarding this game, such as whether I'll make a save editor for it. The answer has greatly depended on the game's technical details, which I intend to look more at shortly.

At first glance, I can see that the structure of the game data is quite similar to Dead Island.

For example, inventory items and collectibles are stored here in the same format we're familiar with:

Dying Light\DW\Data0.pak\data\scripts\inventory\

The raw save data also looks quite similar – so much that I tried to load it up in DISE (which failed miserably).