If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Monday, February 27, 2012

Possible solution for crashes while syncing!

A few users of DISE have experienced crashing while syncing, even if they used the latest version of DISE and the current version of Steam.

At time of writing, it has been confirmed by two (of two) people that the following solved the problem:
In DISE, change the backup location, and point it somewhere outside of the same folder as your saves.
DISE does not try syncing any differently after moving the folder, so I am not quite sure what the core of the problem is. I am however pretty sure it's something internal to Steam that I can't fix.

If you need more help with this, please do this:
  • Open DISE, then click Open folder below the list of characters.
  • Move the dise_backups folder some place else, e.g. onto the desktop or in Documents.
  • In DISE, go to Tools > Preferences > Backups.
  • Under Location, select Custom, then either click Browse or type in the new location of  dise_backups.
  • Click OK when you're done.
That's it! :)

Friday, February 17, 2012

Release: Trainer r7

Finally got a few things sorted out. :)

What's new
  • New, higher quality application icon.
  • Super-jump option with height adjustment.
  • Preferences dialog (configure extra hotkeys for super-jumping).
User preferences

Main icon

Small icon



Thursday, February 16, 2012

Release: Alpha 53

I'm giving you two versions of DISE this time. The regular release build, and a special debug build with logging enabled.

If you are experiencing crashes in the regular build, please try the debug build, then send the crash report as well as any log files DISE has generated (in the working directory or where you keep DISE). :)

To use the debug build, please start DISE using start_dise.bat rather than dise.exe directly.
(semi-geek alert)
It only (temporarily) adds the dep folder to the PATH environment variable, so that DISE can load dependency libraries from that folder.

What's new
  • Renamed blueprint: Taser > Stun Gun. The taser itself is still called Taser.
  • Added items' friendly name from the Ryder White DLC.
  • Redesigned the hero choice list on the opening screen.
  • Added icons to the tabs (skills, map, inventory, etc).
  • A few other UI changes.
  • Re-organized the assets package. Please get the new package if you want the new and old icons to show up. I feel sorry for making you do this, though. :)
  • Fixed and optimized loading of skill icons.
  • Fixed Purna's Survival/Picklock skill using the icon for Deeper Pockets.
  • Optimized/Caches maps. After the map(s) have already been viewed, switching between maps is faster.
Screenshots (same as before)


Release build (probably the one you want)

Debug build (if you want to help me track down bugs) - program debug database (if you don't know what this is, you don't need it)


Monday, February 13, 2012

Preview: Alpha 53 (update)

There will be a few more visible improvements in the next release. Some people have said before that the opening screen had gotten more difficult to use, so I am trying to make it better.

Unfortunately, the chapter text is incorrect for campaigns other than the main campaign, because I have no way (yet) to know which campaign the game-save was started on.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Release: Alpha 52

The assets package has been updated to include icons for Ryder's skill tree! Please find it on the download page. :)
  • Fixed DISE failing to start/restart an instance of itself if the EXE path had spaces in it (e.g. after updating, restarting would fail).
  • Everywhere the game storage location is retrieved from Steam, your custom App ID will be used if you changed it (so you don't need to fix the App ID anymore in the location).
  • Added support for Ryder:
    • Skill trees
    • Change level from 0 up to 30
  • Fixed the UI not updating when subtracting skill points.
  • Added map texts from the Ryder White DLC.
  • Several other less visible improvements and fixes.
  • Syncing works on Steam clients built on Feb 3 to current (Feb 8).


Thursday, February 9, 2012

Super-jumping cheat (PC)

If you would like to jump really high in the game (on the PC), the next version of the trainer will let you do just that!

Please note that it will end badly if you land without god mode activated as well. (゜▽゜)/
Also, sorry for testing your patience when I didn't give up on climbing the building sooner.

Anyway, you should eventually be able to customize how high you can jump. Please have a look. :)

Oh yes, and MaryseDynasty has been playing with turning men into women. :D

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Trainer icon (update)

I've made a new icon for the trainer. I used DISE's icon as the base (obviously). A few details here and there can be improved, but I haven't planned any major changes. :)

Slight improvement on the R and N.

Release: Alpha 51

I've had a break from DISE for a while, so I think it's about time with an update. :) Valve also rolled out an update to Steam which broke pretty much everything related to Steam in DISE, so I pretty much have to to update now, whatever little I have to offer. :)

I couldn't add Ryder's skill tree in this release because the skills-screen in the game is disabled. He does have a skill tree, however, but you're apparently not supposed to level up anything. I think that if we find a way enable that screen, or somehow know the ID of the first skill (top-left corner), I can probably figure out the rest.

If you have played the Ryder White campaign and you can see the skill tree, please let me use your game-save for research. :)

By the way, there's still one strange crash.. Could be related to the map. If this happens, please try to reproduce it, then e-mail me. :)

Edit: Apparently, there could be something more causing a crash when starting DISE and/or when syncing. May be related to Steam. Anything that can help figuring it out is much appreciated!

Please make sure that your Steam client was built on Feb 3 2012. You can check from the main menu in Steam: Help > About Steam.

What's new
  • Refill rage mode charge (Misc. tab).
  • Replaced fine editing of health with "Heal up". You could not go beyond your max health anyway.
  • Renamed the following blueprints (why?):
    • Gordon's Revenge Mod > Shocking Crowbar Mod
    • Wolverine's Claws Mod > Rending Claws Mod
    • Police Brutality Mod > Bodily Harm Mod
    • Pick-a-choo Mod > Pick-and-ohm Mod
  • Updated Steam code to fix crashing with the new Steam update. Please update your Steam client or use an older version of DISE.
  • Reset personal statistics and challenges (unfortunately both at the same time).

Saturday, February 4, 2012

Release: Trainer r6

I wrote a longer post here if you're interested.

What's new
  • Infinite ammo
  • No reloading


The trainer and the features I promised

I promised to add infinite ammo and I have let you wait quite a while now. I can't help feeling ashamed because it didn't have to take this long. I just wanted more complex patches (I'll explain further down) instead of doing i the "easy way". That's why I spent most of the time simply rewriting the patching engine in my trainer just to support more complex patches. Hardcore, you know! Since it would have taken more time, I gave up on that and have now done it the easy way after all.

I'm testing it now before release, so it should be ready very soon. I'll also test it with the Ryder White DLC to make sure it works.

The new options are infinite ammo and no reloading.

Hopefully without using too many computer terms, my trainer was planned to do this:
  • Infinite ammo would make your ammo fully replenish with the correct max ammo (for that weapon) when reaching 0.
  • No reloading would just let you spray your bullets all you want without having to reload at all (always the correct max number of bullets in the clip for that weapon).
I decided to simply set the ammo to 99 and not make your bullet count decrease. I doubt that anyone actually minds, but I wanted it to be better, and thus I am disappointed. :(

I can be a perfectionist many times, but in this case, I have wasted a lot of time.

Geek alert

The way I wanted to do it involves code hooking and code-caves. While that's easy if you have a good library, I don't know of such a library that can be used in a different process without DLL injection (and I didn't want to use it in this trainer). Most (if not all) of the libraries I know of don't consider updating branch instructions' address value.

This was my original idea by making the patching/hooking engine. Then I realized/remembered that there are many branch instructions, and with different address sizes. It would take a lot more time and efforts. Just as I thought I was almost finished, I realized this important thing. /facepalm

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ryder White DLC (update 3)

The new Ryder White DLC is out for Dead Island!

The DLC is said to have new blueprints and weapons.. However, it appears like there are not actually any new blueprints nor weapons in the .pak files for this DLC.

This is a screenie taken from the Steam Store:

Make note of the electrical sparks.. Looks like a Taser and/or some gun with the Taser mod to me. That probably means it is one of the "new" weapons and/or mods. However, the Taser mod was already in the game, but not available anywhere without using DISE.

I guess the only thing I need to add to DISE is Ryder's skill tree.

If you know more, feel free to comment. :)

Update #1
These blueprints are referenced in the maps or rewarded in-game:
  • Taser (zzz_Craftplan_Stungun)
  • Shocking Crowbar Mod (Gordon's Revenge Mod in DISE, since it was renamed)  (zzz_Craftplan_PatchAddon07)
  • Sticky Bomb Mod (Craftplan_Stickybombcraft). This is a reward from Antonio in act 2 of the main quest (without DLC), but maybe it can also be found somewhere in the DLC.
  • Bluntly Shocked Mod (zzz_Craftplan_Patchaddon12). Rewarded when completing the campaign. * Haven't confirmed this yet.
Update #2
These weapons are referenced in the maps:
  • zzz_Firearm_ColtRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_MagnumRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_M9RwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_DesertEagleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_ShotgunShortRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_ShotgunRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_BRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_CRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_DRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_ERwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_BurstRifleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_BurstRifle_BRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_SingleShotRifleRwGen
Then there's at least the Taser (zzz_Firearm_Stungun) (obviously), which isn't referenced in the maps.

All of these were already in the game, and are also already in DISE, except for the weapons with "_B", "_C", "_D" and "_E" in the name (I can't recall if it's by intention or not).

Update #3
Added Bluntly Shocked Mod blueprint to the list.