If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Monday, April 29, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.


  • Implemented (rocket) launcher ammo (reserves).
  • Fixed attempting to write section 106 to DI saves, causing a crash.
  • Fixed sniper rifle not being in the "Rifle" category.
  • Added new item categories on the inventory tab.
  • Fixed special ammo (nail, flare, harpoon) not showing up in the Ammo category.
  • Implemented new collectibles. Both on the Mods/Collectibles tab and the mod selector for weapons.
  • Fixed keyboard shortcut for toggling naming mode not working before opening the menu first.
  • Fixed text displayed if no weapon mod is used



Sunday, April 28, 2013

Riptide builds <= will crash when saving DI saves

This is because it tries to save something related to Riptide that doesn't exist in DI. I've fixed this already and the next version will not crash for the same reason when saving regular DI saves.

You can use v0.1.2 in the meantime if you don't need Riptide support.

Also, DISE always backups up saves to the "dise_backups" folder. Nothing is lost. :)

List of Riptide collectibles

There is also a separate list of inventory items.

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.


  • Fixed embarrassing bug introduced in previous release. Xbox saves would be saved properly, but not be kept as STFS packages.



Fixing your Xbox save back into a CON/STFS package

If you were affected by the Xbox save bug in the previous release, you can easily fix it:

To move your save properly back to your USB device, go to the "(File) Contents" tab after opening the save you have already on your USB device, in Horizon/Modio, and replace your save there. You may need to rehash/resign Horizon/Modio.

Sorry about this!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.

Warning: Apparently, saving STFS packages is a little broken in this release (sorry). Please use this until I fix it, or try an older release.

FIX COMING UP in about 15 min. I was careless, sorry.


  • Added option to toggle item naming type (friendly/technical) from main menu, or with keyboard shortcut.
  • Fixed bug that disallowed importing/exporting if the opened file was an STFS package (Xbox 360).
  • Added importing/exporting of collectibles.



Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.


  • If in-game text for an inventory item is blank/empty, display the internal/technical name; fixes some blank names.
  • Updated in-game texts for Riptide. Languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian, French, Polish. Fixes wrong chapter names, etc.



Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.

Due to great demand, this small update fixes the sniper rifle not showing up in DISE.


  • Fixed sniper rifle not showing up.



Friday, April 26, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.


  • Added inventory items from Riptide (not collectibles yet). Friendly names have not been updated yet, so some items do not have proper names. Some items also have blank names. You can switch the naming mode to "Technical name" in Preferences > Naming.
  • After user confirms to use Riptide release channel, makes sure the update-check is done even if auto-updating is disabled. Changed the text slightly.



List of Riptide inventory items

Some people requested a list of items, so here you go. You can add the items using "Add custom item".

There is also a separate list of collectibles.

Just a little injury and maybe delays

Hello, and thank you for the continued support! Because the majority of you probably don't read my few tweets, here you go...

After coding too much without sleep, I've somehow managed to injure my secondary arm. Needless to say, I need to take it easy for a bit and not type so much. This means means I probably will not be on the public/private chat much, but will try to respond to e-mails and comments on the blog (but not for chit-chatting).

I'll be working as much as I can, behind the scenes. :)

Thursday, April 25, 2013

If DISE 0.1 or later crashes during updating, try this

You may try to delete a registry key, or you can run DISE with the "-deletepref" argument. Alternatively, you can begin (un)installing DISE, then tick "Delete preferences" to delete user preferences.

This is the registry key to delete:
HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Steffen L\Dead Island Save Editor\Update\ProgressFile

You can also use the manual download link in case updating fails.


Try to make note of whether your Windows account name has non-ASCI/Unicode characters in it. While I'm not sure, chances are that those characters are not handled properly. For example this may be the case if the text contains Russian characters. To attempt solve this, try to install DISE to a different location.

Release: DISE 0.1.2 and (Riptide)

Dual release this time! You can easily update from within DISE, or use these links for now:

v0.1.2 is the stable build, like before, without Riptide support. v0.1.2.1 has limited Riptide support. This means, the same features that are in the original game are mostly working, but most of the new in-game content (weapons, skills, etc) is not yet in DISE. Of course, it's a new game, and even the old stuff may work differently in the new game.

Here's how to switch between the stable build and the unstable Riptide build:

If the unstable build is too unstable for you, simply switch back to the main release channel. If DISE does not prompt to update/downgrade, go to (main menu) > Help > Check for updates.


  • Added option to let you switch release channels, and asks if you wish to switch over to early Riptide builds. The last update went a little wrong, so here is an improved one.
  • This is an early build that has limited support for Riptide. Most features work, but in-game content has not yet been put into DISE.

Thank you so much for the support! :D

I'm so excited about improving DISE, and of course supporting Riptide. With all of your cooperation and heartfelt donations, you have my big and warm THANK YOU SO MUCH! :D

Quite a bit of progress has been made so far, and thanks to daring people in the public chat room, DISE -- or the catchy name given by its fans, RISE -- was tested quite a bit this/last night. At this time, DISE can modify most of the important things; however, not all of the game content has been put into DISE yet. It doesn't really prevent you from adding Riptide weapons to your inventory, as long as you know the internal name of the items and use the "custom item" feature. The new skill trees are not supported yet, but you can still edit the old trees and hope it works out alright.

Will see if I can release an update for everyone in a bit. :)

Riptide update #1

Yes, I'm still working on it, and I've added hero level data and such into DISE. This is all that is needed for DISE to not crash while loading saves, but there's one problem I need to sort out before I can release this early build.

Now I just have to deal with this kind of silly problem that didn't exist a few days ago. :|

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Release: DISE 0.1

Doesn't support Riptide yet, but I'm working on it. Better to release a "stable" update first. :)
I'll try to get links up here soon, but you may update within DISE right now.


  • New languages: Finnish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech (was either missing in the installer before, or it was a bug that it was displayed at all). Not completely up-to-date with this release yet.
  • Added Japanese in-game texts from the DI Zombie of The Year edition (PS3).
  • New auto-updating system. It has been completely rewritten with a new look, and to somewhat allow updating DISE and components individually. If updates fail during installation, they will be rolled back. Uses encrypted/secure connections (SSL) thanks to CyaSSL by wolfSSL.
  • The executable is now digitally signed! This will hopefully reduce anti-virus false positives over time, and the signature can also be checked to see if the executable has been tampered with.
  • Stripped lots of texts not needed in the di-texts.bin files and optimized them a bit to save space.
  • Original unpacked size for all languages: ~15. New size: ~3 MB.
  • Redesigned most of the About dialog box, updated credits.
  • Potentially "unsafe" items are hidden by default under "Add item", and always shown in the inventory lists. These are items that can prevent normal gameplay. An icon is displayed next to these items. Under "Add item", toggle by right-clicking the list > Show unsafe items.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to repairing all items could "repair" items that cannot be repaired. Enhanced so that it will fix the condition for items that cannot be repaired.
  • Sync the required level for all weapons in your inventory with your character's current level.
  • Fixed throwable weapons not properly categorized as weapons.
  • Resolved issue #13: Move skill tweaks to a more obvious place.
  • Added a brief readme.txt.
  • Added changelog.txt.
  • Xbox game-saves will be displayed on the character selection screen assuming the game storage location is set in Preferences.
  • STFS packages are loaded immediately, bypassing the integrated package viewer. The file is repackaged and rehashed/resigned when saving. This wouldn't have been possible at this point without the XboxInternals library by Adam Spindler and Stevie Hetelekides.
  • Open from USB device without any 3rd party programs (Horizon/Modio); however, DISE cannot save back to device yet, so a 3rd party program is still needed.
  • Fixed bug #12: Painting outside the map paints the opposite side.
  • Fixed the ugly stripes that are mostly visible after zooming in or out.
  • Map names uses in-game text, so they will be translated assuming they are in the game already.


Sorry for not having links right now. You can however update from within DISE.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Support for Riptide

I've received lots of questions about Riptide, and I've done my best to not answer them officially. Now, I can finally confirm that I'll be working on supporting Riptide in DISE itself.

The file format is almost the same; just a few changes and additions for Riptide.

Game-saves for the Steam copy of the game have the file extension "sar" rather than "sav", but nothing's different about the compression. For some reason, the game's app ID is the same (in my case) as the first game game (why, when it's a different game?). Because of this, the saves are stored in the same folder, and I guess that's one reason why they chose "sar" to not conflict with the old naming. May I guess that the "r" simply stands for "Riptide"?

DISE and Riptide

DISE v0.0.55.34 doesn't support Riptide at all since the file format is a bit different. I'll release v0.1 soon, but I've only just started working on Riptide. It may be better to keep a stable version of DISE, and an unstable one for Riptide, so I'll need to find a way to do this properly.

I'll give out a bit more info in the coming days. :)

Trainer and Riptide (PC only)

Someone on the chat mentioned a trainer for Riptide, and allegedly, it costs money as well. As long as one can try it first, I don't have much to say; however, mine will always be free, and I think this is enough to motivate me to support Riptide. :)


Maybe not, but at least it's proof that I'm doing something. :)

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Upcoming website downtime (update)

This is just a heads-up just in case you find that the blog and/or Contribution Center is inaccessible, or there are other web server-related troubles, while I migrate data over to the new server. :)

Suddenly, the site somehow couldn't be connected to anymore. Nothing seemed to be wrong during and right after migration. After several days of downtime, it has now apparently fixed itself, and I'm not even a bit more clever about how this happened. Thought the DNS config was wrong (even though it had been working fine), but now it's working yet again. *facepalm*

Friday, April 12, 2013

DISE and PS3 game-saves

Since someone asked me recently, I'll share this with everyone. DISE can edit PS3 saves with a little effort. I have however not been able to make the modded save work on the PS3. If any of you get it working, please do let me know the right way to do it! :)

I'll assume that you know how to extract your copy-protected files from the PS3 and decrypt them. DI saves are protected while Riptide saves are not. The game-save folder is /dev_hdd0/home/<user>/savedata/<title ID>-SG-SAVE_<save number>.


Roughly explained

After you have your decrypted files, look in the file COJ2-DSC. Take the 32-bit big-endian number in it and truncate the file COJ2-DAT to this number (most of the zeros at the end are removed). Again: if the number is 350/0x15e, make sure that the size of the file COJ2-DAT is 350/0x15e. You can then load it in DISE and mod it.

Game-save helper tool

This involves using a tool I made for a single purpose: helping you mod your PS3 save. The tool decrypts your save and prepares it for modding, and finalizes it when you're done modding. It does *not* magically fix the issues we've been having already. Python source code included in the zip archive.

I've currently only tested this tool with Riptide (and obviously it's not working yet).

What the tool does
Prepares your save for modding
  • Decrypts COJ2-DAT and COJ2-DSC using pfdtool.
  • Uses the number in COJ2-DSC to truncate COJ2-DAT.
Finalizes your save after modding
  • Updates the number in COJ2-DSC.
  • Appends zeroes to COJ2-DAT to make the file size 8 KB.
  • Encrypts COJ2-DAT and COJ2-DSC using pfdtool.

Game-save helper for Dead Island (PS3).

Use this tool along with DISE to mod your save.
Run "helper.exe" in the Command Prompt. See usage help below.

Author: Steffen André Langnes
Uses flatz' pfdtool for encryption/decryption.

Requirements -------------------------------------------------------------------

Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 Redistributable Package (x86)

Microsoft Visual C++ 2010 Redistributable Package (x86)

Usage --------------------------------------------------------------------------

helper <base dir> <command>

Base dir: The directory where your files are located.
Command: p (prepare for modding), f (finalize modding).

Files needed -------------------------------------------------------------------


Stored on the PS3 in the following directory:
/dev_hdd0/home/<user>/savedata/<title ID>-SG-SAVE_<save number>

Examples -----------------------------------------------------------------------

Prepare your save for modding:
helper BLES01739-SG-SAVE_0 p

Finalize your modded save:
helper BLES01739-SG-SAVE_0 f
How to use (in pictures)
Extract the tool and your save somewhere. Hold down Shift on the keyboard and right-click inside this folder, then Open command window. Users of Windows XP can use the CmdHere Powertoy by Microsoft, or press Win+R, run "cmd" and use the "cd" command to navigate to the folder.
Prepare your save (decrypts the files and truncates the DAT file).
Mod your save in DISE.
Finalize your modded file (fixes the number in the DSC file, adds trailing zeros to the DAT file and then re-encrypts the files).

How to prepare your PS3 save for DISE using hex editor

Programs: PS3 Bruteforce Save Data, Hex Workshop.

Decrypt the DAT and DSC file. Select both files and click "Decrypt PFD".

Open the DSC file into your hex editor and make note of this number (in this example, 0x1D8 or 472).

Open the DAT file in your hex editor and go to a specific offset (Ctrl + G). Input the number you noted earlier.

Select everything from here until the end (Ctrl + Shift + End).

Delete the selection and save the file. It can now be loaded in DISE.