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Friday, September 30, 2011

Release: Alpha 5

Phew. The next version is ready, and hopefully a little better. :)

  • Preview: Added main plot progress.
  • On save: Asks you whether you want to replace your backup or not, or cancel saving.
  • Inventory: Should be saved correctly now, but I still need to figure out the modded weapons. You should be able to remove any items from your inventory without trouble (perhaps except "Fists", but I haven't tried.) Adding items is experimental. It means that there's no guarantee that it will work in-game, but you should be able to remove them (according to my assumptions) if they don't seem to appear in-game, or the game crashes. It's my intention at least, but you never know. :D
  • A few minor fixes (and some other super minor graphical glitches created along the way with the inventory list. Does not really make a difference).
  • There are two types of items (in the inventory) that I need to figure out exactly what they are. They will appear with the numbers 1, 2 or both in front of the name (so that I/we can hopefully more easily figure it out).


Fun thing(s) to test!
I am interested in what happens in the following scenarios:
  • When your XP is high enough to have unlocked equip slots, equip a weapon to the highest slot (perhaps all of them is more fun). Then use the editor to lower your XP so that those equip slots (with weapons still equipped) are locked again (maybe). Will the game crash, or will the weapons simply become unequipped, or perhaps they will still be equipped? :D
  • Ah... (゚Д゚|||) I think there was something else, but I forgot! I'll think about it. Perhaps it was nothing. More coffee, please! Oh yes! Fists! What happens if you remove your fists from the inventory? :D

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Alpha 5 delayed

While I was about to release alpha 5 today, I realized that I need to re-think a few things (such as how the inventory and equipped weapons are managed behind the scene, in the editor).

It would be a good idea to wait before you use this editor. Actually, I learned that someone else is also making an editor like I am. I saw it on the Steam forum. I guess it means that I'll have some competition! :D

Anyway, this is what's planned for alpha 5 (mostly just fixing things before I can add more of the actual features):

  • If you didn't add/remove items in your inventory, it will be saved correctly. You can then change other things (cash, skills, etc).
  • A bug regarding removing items (crashes).
  • If your save was backed up by the editor already, a message box will ask if you want to replace it or not.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Release: Alpha 4 (update 2)

The game-saves I was sent earlier now appear to load a bit more correctly. :)

Note: It says "alpha 3" but it is actually alpha 4.

Mod weapons may disappear in-game (I told you earlier about issues with those). For example, if you have "High Voltage Sickle", it will still be in the save (in the wrong list), but not in-game. This one is a bit tricky for me to figure out, but I will get back to work. :)

Update 2
I'll try to release Alpha 5 today. The inventory won't be fixed in that release, but until I fix it, you can choose to not do anything to the inventory and thus my editor will not touch it at all (it stays exactly the same as in your original save). This way, you can still reset skills and changes cash, ammo, etc, without affecting the inventory (which will be saved incorrectly due to modded weapons).

Also, some people seem to have corrupted saves, but when I try their saves, they are not corrupted after all. Hmm..


Release: Alpha 3

After I breaking things and rebuilding them again, fixing some other things, and then realizing that it's 8 am in the morning already.. ((_ _))zzZZ Well, here you go. :) The inventory is not saved 100% correctly when it comes to some mod weapons and such, so I am not sure exactly which effect it has in-game. I did a few quick tests and the game did not crash, at least. :)
I don't keep track of what I have fixed (since I am so busy working), but that's something I probably should make time for sooner or later. Perhaps later. :D


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alpha 3 delayed (update 2)

I originally planned to release alpha 3 earlier since I fixed the issue causing the crash earlier, but I'm now facing some issues with loading the inventory. Currently, it appears to have something to do with mod weapons since they are stored differently in the game-save. I had not really tested this before, so now is my chance to figure out how go at it. :) I hope you didn't expect it to actually work! :D No, I am just kidding. It was my intention, actually. :( Now, I go back to work!

Please know that this will be a much more advanced editor than other simple ones that exist already. It's bound to have more problems and it will take more time to figure out things (not as simple as finding offsets and such).

Update 2:
The saves I was given earlier now load without crashing. It means that you may be able to view the save a little more like I intended in alpha 1, and still does not mean that it will not have any issues if you try to save it again and load it in the game. But hey, it's progress, and it should mean that alpha 3 will be out within the next hour(s). :) After that, I guess it's back to work. Again. Or perhaps some sleep. :D

Release: Alpha 2 (update)

In this version, you may now reset skills!

Please click on a different input field/box with your mouse or keyboard (tab) after changing cash, ammo, XP, etc. It's my bad that the change does not take effect before the field loses focus.

Note: It will crash if you have unrecognized items your inventory. This should (hopefully) be fixed in alpha 3.

It does not tell anything when you click on the button, but please save it and try it in the game. :)

I'm not joking!

Before reset

After reset

Release: Alpha 1

Dead Island Save Editor for the PC version of the game. Eventually, there will be support for Xbox 360 as well.

Before you download this, you should know a few things:
  • Please open your *.sav file in the editor (for example save_0.sav).
  • I have only tested game-saves that were saved with the 1.2 version of the game. Feel free to send saves that do not work to my e-mail address, and let me know which version of the game it is! :)
  • Alpha does not even quality as beta. It's that early!
  • Only a few of the planned features are implemented (so far).
  • ... Which may not even work at all.
  • I have not really done extensive quality testing, but testing/bug reporting is not really the goal this time.
  • If you have issues with your game-saves loading/saving in the editor or game, please contact me. Otherwise, maybe it's something I am working on for the next release. :)
  • Please don't give yourself a million items and XP and complain to me if your game crashes because of that. But hey, feel free to try! (o゜▽゜)o
Alpha 1 features
  • Edit cash, ammo and XP.
  • Browse some available weapons, items for crafting, etc.
  • Add items to your inventory (more items to come later).
  • When saving, your current game-save will be backed up as *.sav.bak. It will be replaced if you save again, so please be careful.
Current main features that do not work yet
  • Item categories.
  • Equipping items.
  • Edit inventory.
  • Edit skills.

A few more screenshots
The "About" dialog box.

Preview of the save (yes, not finished).
Inventory (same as before)

Monday, September 26, 2011

Early look

Hello! For the last 2.5 weeks or so, I have been working on a game-save editor for Dead Island, which is now kind of ready to show to the public. It's currently designed for the PC version of the game, but I plan to support other versions as well (starting with Xbox 360).

Screen shot of the currently to-be-released alpha 1 version! The user interface will be improved, but does it look alright so far?

Current features:
  • Edit cash, ammo and XP.
  • Browse the weapons and other items the game has to offer, and ...
  • Add new items to your inventory!
The inventory page.
A few more screen shots will come today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone), followed by the release of the early alpha 1 version.

Please note that I actually should really not release it just yet, to spare myself hate-mail, but I have decided to release early and more frequently, instead of "when it's done"! You get to be a guinea pig at the same time! :D

I would love to release it right now, but I'll need to fix up a few things first.

Thanks for any love or hate expressed towards the (super early) user interface!