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Friday, June 29, 2012

Release: DISE


  • In the mod selector (inventory), added filtering by base item: Show only mods meant for this item.
  • View mods' base items and required items (for crafting), and add them to your inventory.
  • Display stats for mod blueprints.
  • Updated credits in about dialog a bit.
  • Portable user preferences. Create a file called portable in the same folder as dise.exe.
  • Merge inventory items to save space.
  • Added cloning of inventory items in the context menu (was already possible using Ctrl+drag/drop).


dise- | SHA1: be31c027d158e75586f3d99d0eeb2bc126a01a92

Monday, June 25, 2012

Preview: DISE (update 4)

I previously mentioned that I would add more info about mod blueprints and such. I just want to show you my current solutions. The things you can see here are almost finished, but I also wish to display mods' effects/stats/additional damages (whatever I should call them). There are still a few things for me to decide regarding the stats. You can expect something that is somewhat simple, at least. :)

Update #1, Jun 25: Added screenshot showing stats.
Update #2, Jun 27: Added screenshot showing merging of same inventory items. Got the idea along the way, so why not? :)
Update #3, Jun 28: The features for this release are complete (and can be improved later)! Also added cloning of items in inventory using the context menu. You could do it before by holding down Ctrl while dragging and dropping, but I figured it's not obvious if you're not used to handy keyboard shortcuts. :) What's left is a little more testing. :)
Update #4 Jun 28:  User preferences can now be stored as a file, making DISE more suitable for portable devices. Someone asked on the chat if it could be done with or without Installer, and I managed to implement it in about 30 minutes! :D

Required items and base items

In the mod selector, show only mods meant for the selected item


My original idea was to make icons as well for the stats. Now, I'm not quite sure if it's sensible with icons for anything but the damage type (shock, poison, etc).

Merge same items

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Mod blueprints, base- and required items

As you may know, I've had a break for a while now from coding (felt very tired), but I wonder if programmers can ever truly rest.. At least I always end up tinkering about something.

Feeling better, I finally got to writing scripts that gather more details about blueprints and generate messy C++ code.

So far, descriptions, base items (which weapons the mods are meant for or based on) and items required to mod weapons.

My script also gathers additional effects/damages but I haven't yet decided how to store them in DISE.

What's left now is deciding how to display it all in DISE. The mod selector will have a "Show only compatible" (or perhaps "Show only base items").

I need to think for a bit more because the UI is somewhat restricted at the moment.


Base items

Required items

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Release: DISE

Mostly fixes this time. :)

Oh, and some of you have seen virus alerts for the installer.. I am using Inno Setup v5.4.3, and your anti-virus software is obviously hysterical if it complains. If you paid for your AV, you may want to consider filing a complaint. :)

To see if the compression used has anything to do with the false positives, I have provided 3 versions of the installer.

  • Fixed mods being listed twice in the mod selector (when you did not filter the results).
  • Fixed maps not loading the 2nd time you view them sometimes.
  • Fixed some issues with getting text from the game (and changed the way it works), and added more texts. I'm generating a custom .bin file now.
  • Taser is now called Stun Gun as in the Ryder White DLC.
  • Fixed graphical glitch in the list of available items. I had already fixed it in wxWidgets but forgot to recompile the release build.
  • A little more work on the Norwegian translation.
Custom .bin file
I previously copied the original DI Texts&Voices.bin file from the game. Later, I noticed that texts were still missing for weapons such as the zzz_* (DLC weapons). I figured that they were in texts_DLC0.scr (from the Ryder White DLC) instead. I'm not sure why the game has one big .bin file with texts, several separate .scr files with the same texts, then only .scr files for DLCs.

Now, once and for all, I hope I have solved the problem the following way. For each language,
  • Copy DI Voices&Texts.bin, and just the .scr files I need.
  • Copy the .scr files from DLC.
  • An ugly Python script I wrote parses all of these files.
  • My ugly Python script merges everything and removes duplicates (oldest first).
  • Generate a new, even fatter .bin file and ship it with DISE.
dise- (same as before) | SHA1: af8abad422571fd88b0c98cd6efdf4e97323af08
dise- | SHA1: 3853c62b46354a0802e5fcdc747152061e2643af
dise- | SHA1: b850a8fb2615bee8502afc834f71ffc380de15b9

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Release: DISE

A lot of things are starting to come together now! :D

  • Reverted a recent change that was supposed to reduce flicker, because some people had issues (black areas, more flicker, freezing).
  • Made skill tweaks free:
    • Fury
      • Become even faster while in Fury.
    • Combat
      • Never get interrupted after being hit while attacking.
      • Knock out enemies when you receive damage.
    • Survival
      • Don't lose money when dying.
  • Added new skill tweaks:
    • Unbreakable weapons (all melee weapons).
    • Firearms master: No recoil, perfect accuracy.
  • Moved infinite health/stamina from Premium tab to Misc tab.
  • Minor UI tweaks/fixes.
  • Simplified how skill tweaks are enabled/disabled internally. May not make much difference to you.
  • Setup/Installation program.
  • Assets are included in the setup program.
  • Improved support for multiple languages (but not much is translated yet). Languages are included in the setup program.
  • Added basic search/filtering in mod selector.
  • Main window should always fit the desktop working area if the window is too large. Good if you have a low-resolution screen.
  • Fixed bug with saving the chapter number in some cases.

dise- | SHA1: 46029673fb96928c7fc5e1b4a042bec74fb29a12 (no assets/languages) | SHA1: 2fd3a2599224a722e100a3dedc3a0c34ac3582e5

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

More languages are coming along!

Support for multiple language in DISE is almost finished. Most of what's left now is loading the game's texts where those texts are used. Collectibles are working and inventory items are mostly working. Skills will take more time because I have previously done a lot of manual work and need to figure out how I should not do it manually again for 5+ more languages.






Saturday, June 2, 2012

Source code: Reading quest data from saves (you can help!)

This is the code I have at the moment, which is a mess because I have no idea what's going on. Missing documentation, unnecessary comments, etc is just a small part of the mess.. You get the idea once you see it. :)

Feel free to experiment. If we can finally do this right, it will finally be possible to work on features related to quests in the future. :D

Friday, June 1, 2012

Release: DISE

Since there are both free and premium tweaks that work with the same skills this time (moderate and unlimited), you should disable one before you enable the other. If you make a mistake, it's no big deal, however. :)

  • Enable Unlimited ammo capacity. Toggle tweaks page (to refresh selections). Moderate ammo capacity boost will now also be shown as enabled.
  • Disable Moderate ammo capacity boost. Toggle tweaks page (to refresh selections). Unlimited ammo capacity will now also show as disabled because the amount of points required for a moderate boost was subtracted from the total.
  • The fix is simply to toggle either one of tweaks on and off. :)
  • Redesigned skill tweaks page.
  • Additions to skill tweaks:
    • Free
      • Survival
        • Moderate stamina and regeneration boost.
        • Moderate ammo capacity boost.
        • Moderate backpack slot boost.
    • Premium
      • Fury
        • Instant Fury.
        • Become even faster while in Fury.
      • Survival
        • Boost stamina and regeneration.
        • Unlimited backpack slots.
        • Unlimited ammo capacity.

MD5: 6baf48b5530b4bc7a5fc509c0b682486
SHA1: 8faae93aa753e3deab24ea62def48a4afc5cff41

Download | (use fix #1 if you have issues with flicker, freezing, etc)
Assets package (maps and extra icons)

Preview: DISE

I've had a break from DISE for a few days to rest, but I seem to always end up coding on something else instead. *facepalm*

Anyway, I decided to tidy up the skill tweaks page a bit. My plan for the next release is the new design, and a few more tweaks added.