If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Corrupted/Disappearing saves

After editing a game-save, the game may tell you that the save is corrupted, but it may as well not be corrupted.

My best advice at the moment is to try my Dead Island Save Editor. It can recover your quests (as much as possible), as well as sync your game-saves with the Steam Cloud.

If you have a cracked/pirated copy of the game, you may look for answers at the far bottom of this page, because you shouldn't use it unless you actually bought the game. :)

Quick access

Real corruption and preventing it

First, please try my editor to see if your game-save is actually corrupted. If it isn't, the editor can sync it with the Steam Cloud. You may also check my tutorial on fixing your game-save.

Game version 1.2.0 and earlier:

  • Do not keep many items in your inventory (sell or toss away the ones you don't need, or remove them with the editor). This includes that tempting Oleander! :) Your game-save will not be stored correctly when the file gets too large (~10 KB).

Close/Restart Steam

This was suggested by Benji. Simply close Steam before you edit the game-save, then start Steam again after you have moved the edited game-save back to the directory where your game-saves should reside.

If that doesn't help, then I have had success by renaming/deleting the Steam/ClientRegistry.blob file before starting Steam.

Sync without closing Steam

You can use my editor to easily sync your game-saves. If you still want to do it the hard way, this is how:

  • Backup your game-save.
  • In-game, delete your save.
  • Start a new game.
  • Quit to the main menu.
  • Alt-Tab out of the game.
  • Replace the new save with your backup.
  • Alt-Tab back into the game.
  • Quit the game.

Corrupted save after syncing

This may happen in rare cases. The only advice I have is restarting Steam after syncing. If that doesn't work, please try some of the other suggestions.

Issues with cracked/pirated game

First of all, please just close this page if you didn't buy the game, or you don't intend to buy it. It's not cool!

I bought the game on Steam, and only use the cracked copy for my convenience. I can tell you that it's less annoying to use the cracked copy, because it just works. :)

Now, if you have issues, then I can tell you that my setup works well for me (but I don't know if you can play online).

If you use RELOADED's release (which I had success with), you can try applying the following 3 updates. I haven't checked if you need to apply all of them:

Do not use these updates if you don't own the game or don't intend to buy it!

  • Dead.Island.Update.1-RELOADED
  • Dead.Island.Update.2.MP.Working-iND
  • 1.2.0 / update 3 (posted on Usenet by "Honnes")

More updates:

  • 1.2.1 / update 4
  • 1.3.0 / update 5 (without DLC)

Benji also suggested using SmartSteam with a new account.