If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Release: Alpha 33

I just wanted to fix this before getting some rest. :) ((_ _))zzZZ

What's new
  • Fixed the Clear-button for the mods you can add and added it back (I shouldn't have removed it in the first place).

Release: Alpha 32

Some embarrassing problems were fixed and some other things were improved/added. My lame excuse is that I was really tired before releasing, and I really wanted to release before going to bed. (; -_-) Oh, that's right! I work for free! :D

What's new
  • Search through items that you can add.
  • Switched the spin control for "attributes" to a regular text control. The spin control allowed for a value up to 2147483647 while the real value can be up to 4294967295.
  • Fixed a bug when clearing a mod from an item. Mods would appear like " (text is missing)". I don't know if it has any negative effects in-game, but if you experience this issue, I suggest clearing the mods again now.
  • Removed Clear-button in the list of mods where you can add items. I thought it was not needed, and it would crash DISE anyway. On second thought, it is needed after all, so I'll fix it and add it back in the next release. Oh my, I need to rest now.
  • Fixed a bug when opening uncompressed Xbox 360 game-saves (crash).

Monday, November 28, 2011

Release: Alpha 31

This should prevent the crash caused by corrupted updates. I know it's rude to point my finger at someone, but I'm doing it at my web host because I have problems with them lately. Of course, DISE could do more to fix corruptions, though (but it shouldn't happen this often in the first place). If an update fails now, you can try to update again. It's not deal but it's better than nothing. :)

What's new
  • File integrity check on updates.
  • Unlock all chapters (profile). Note: Xbox 360 isn't supported this time, but if the Xbox 360 version of the game also has the profile file (, I will make DISE compatible. :)
  • Refresh the opening screen when closing the opened file.
  • Added chapter in opening screen.
  • Update character level text (preview tab) when changing level/XP.
  • Fixed a bug causing a newly added item to lose its (friendly) name after applying a mod.
  • Clear/Remove mod assigned to item.
  • "Backup limit is reached" dialog: Changed button "No" to "Cancel" to make it more clear that the file is not saved.
  • Some other changes/fixes.

Sunday, November 27, 2011

Release: Alpha 30

A kind of small update this time, but not completely useless. But hey, it doesn't matter since you can skip it if you don't like it! :D

What's new
  • Added prefixes to item names when mods are assigned.
  • Inventory lists' columns' width are saved.
Mod's prefix in name

Corrupted updates

I'm seeing this again right now, and I don't really know why it happens. I did however notice that the connection to my web host's  FTP server timed out several times, so it makes me believe that the issue lies on their side. I hope this doesn't keep up!

Either way, I'll make DISE verify updates before applying them (and if this keeps up, change my web host, which currently is HostGator). :)

If you have issues, please use the manual download link on this blog.

Release: Alpha 29

This release was meant to only add a feature to assign mod blueprints for items, but I guess you don't mind that I included some more improvements. :D

You can now open game-saves for PC and Xbox 360, as well as uncompressed ones (for both formats). If you have access to game-saves for PS3, then I assume it will work in DISE as well. It's not tested much, and I hope it doesn't interfere with the existing support for PC game-saves.

To open Xbox 360 game-saves, you have to:
  • Use Modio, Horizon or similar, then extract your game-save. The first save_* file(s) you'll find contains the actual game-save, so open this first and extract the actual game-save.
  • Load it in DISE.
To save Xbox 360 game-saves, you have to:
  • Save it in DISE (open an Xbox 360 game-save first).
  • Use ModioHorizon or similar, then inject your game-save.
  • Remember to rehash/resign if it's not done automatically.
What's new
  • Experimental support for Xbox 360 game-saves. I haven't been able to do much testing yet, so I suggest not using it for anything serious (but please go ahead and test).
  • Open uncompressed game-saves.
  • Improved detection of (non-)supported files.
  • Assign mod blueprints to items. I haven't made any restrictions, so you're free to test this with any item.


Friday, November 25, 2011

Xbox 360 support

I'm working on supporting the Xbox 360 format as well. It's not going to be completely straight-forward (yet), though. It's just that you'll need to extract the game-save first with Modio, Horizon or something else, then inject it again and resign the package when you're done. I don't have the time to make my own extractor/injector at the moment, so I may look into providing an addon in the future using a 3rd party program/library.

Well, with all that said... The first successful test was indeed successful (duh). :D Not just that, converting an Xbox 360 game-save to the PC format worked as well! :)

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Release: Alpha 28

In order to get it out today, I had to leave out unlocking chapters. If you read my earlier post, you may recall that I had troubles with memory corruption and such, so it has taken some time for me to fix up things. The list of improvements and new things is a little longer this time, so I hope that makes up for the wait and that the promised chapter-unlocker this time. :)

One more thing: All skills could not be reset before (such as Logan's Boomerang), because there was another set of references to them which I didn't know about before. They are cleared now, so please check if everything will reset properly now. It's confirmed to be reset properly now. :D

Please see this post.

What's new
  • Improved resetting skills (all skills should be reset now.. hopefully). 
  • New opening screen (load game-save/profile more easily). 
  • Show items' mod blueprint (inventory list) + sort. 
  • Show items' color (inventory list) + sort (white/normal-orange/best). 
  • Mod blueprints are sorted alphabetically (Mods/Collectibles tab). 
  • Available items are sorted alphabetically (Inventory tab). 
  • Allow you to skip an update. 
  • Added "Check for updates" in main menu (under Help).
  • Added "Close" in the main menu (under File). Use this to get back to the opening screen. 
  • Move/Clone multiple items between inventory/storage at once (like before, hold down Ctrl while dragging and dropping). 
  • Main window's size is saved and restored. 
  • Repair items. For now, just "Repair all". Weapons' condition is set to 1000, so the condition indicator may look funny in-game, since it may overlap and you may see a hole in the middle of it, or it may just look like it's not full.
  • Improved handling of items' names (especially when no friendly name was found). 
  • Updated texts from the game (there's nothing new, they are just a little more correct).
  • Improved error detection/notification when syncing.
  • Some smaller changes.

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Preview: Alpha 28 (update 3)

I'll add new screenshots to show the progress with alpha 28 when I have the chance. :)

New opening screen

  • Color and mod blueprint displayed in the inventory lists.
  • Available items are sorted alphabetically.
  • Repair all items.

Mod blueprints are sorted alphabetically.

You can choose to skip an update.

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alpha 28 delayed

I have been struggling so much the last days and I have really burned out my energy while doing so. :(

The problem is memory heap corruption. If you know what that means, you know that it's difficult to find the exact location and it may be very time-consuming.

I have also seen some strange stuff happening with updates (crash). If it crashes, I suggest downloading it from the blog post.

I can at least share with you the things I had planned for this release:
  • Improve resetting skills (all skills should be reset now). A person commented and mentioned an issue while switching character and some skills transferring to the new character.
  • Unlock all chapters.
  • Show weapon's mod blueprint (inventory list).
I really wanted to release it early, but it is just impossible to release it before I fix it all up again. It could take some days. I need to regain some energy as well.

Thanks for your patience.

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Release: Alpha 27

Another release so soon, which was mainly meant to fix an issue with date/time (after upgrading wxWidgets). However, I didn't feel good about releasing something that did nothing new for perhaps most people, so I managed to get a useful thing in here as well.

What's new
  • Change your character's level regardless of your current level. From 60 to 1 is okay. :)
  • Fixed a crash related to date/time.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Release: Alpha 26

I've promised a few things before, such as changing weapons' color and required level and the other attributes (damage, etc). I've implemented the first two this time, but it would have taken some more time if it weren't for two people (Warefaroo and Daniel) who shared their knowledge about reading/writing the color and required level. :)

What's new
  • Change weapons' color and required level. Note that some weapons appear to have a minimum/maximum required level, and firearms don't seem to use the color attribute.
  • Layout (inventory) is saved/restored. For now, just the splitters.
  • A few smaller fixes/changes.

Saturday, November 12, 2011

Release: Alpha 25

Note: Seems like the attributes' max value is too low. I thought I changed it. It doesn't do much good to most people anyway, so I won't release a new version just to fix that, but instead implement changing the color and required level first. :)

Note 2: If DISE seems to crash, try to click No (just continue running it). This is probably because of some incompatibilities with the new wxWidgets, and should be alright if you just click No. :)

It may not seem like a whole lot has changed in this release, but a lot of things have changed internally and caused another bunch of problems. One problem after another. However, most of it is hopefully sorted out now. In the not-unlikely event that you find strange bugs, just spam my e-mail inbox. :)

I left out some things for this release so that I could finally get it out, then bring them back in again later. :)

What's new
  • Upgraded wxWidgets. Makes the UI look slightly different overall and maybe behave differently in some cases.
  • Updated Open Steamworks sources. Someone apparently had issues with syncing, so maybe this helps.
  • Sort your inventory (and currently only that). Can't save the new order yet.
  • A little more flexible UI (inventory). Your customized layout can't be saved yet.
  • Improved spin controls. You can press Escape to cancel input (old value is restored).
  • Removed the ugly icon I added earlier in the list column headers (for now, even though it was planned for this release). 1 click = sort ascending (a-z), 2 clicks = sort descending (z-a), 3 clicks = don't sort.
  • Show/Hide item categories has been removed (for now, even though it was planned for this release) because of the layout change. You can still use the splitters, though.
  • Changed the Level/Dmg and Dur/Han fields into one field (like it is originally). It's too technical to use for most people anyway, and it makes it easier for geeks like me to do some testing. :)


Getting ready for releasing alpha 25 now

Finally, I have sorted out all the nasty and even silly problems (I hope), and getting ready for a release shortly (hours or less). :) Things should go more smoothly from now on. :D

However, please don't expect too much this time since I have had a ton of issues, a lot of stitching things back together again, and very little rest. Even though I never liked coffee much, I've even been having Cappuccino and 100% Arabica espresso, almost every day!

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Some more info/updates on alpha 25 (update)

Well, besides a ton of problems and my GUI framework making trouble instead of helping me, etc, there are some good things as well.

For example, I added two splitters as you can see here, and you can also show/hide the categories. Oh yeah, and I made a small, ugly icon to show whether the items are displayed ascending or descending. Sorting is only (partially) implemented for the inventory so far.

You could hide the stuff you don't need. :)

However, all these things that we may take for granted, don't come without problems. For example, the small icons changes their position, right-aligning does not work anymore, and when you have hidden the the stuff with the splitter, they pop out again (just a bit) when you resize the window. I'll blame wxWidgets, only again (I guess it's not supposed to be easy.)

As you may have noticed, this release is taking some time to get ready for release. I have had tons of problems just so that I could actually start working on the stuff I wanted to work on.

For instance, I decided to upgrade wxWidgets (to get rid of bugs, I hope(d)). That meant that some of my code wouldn't be compatible anymore. That's one thing I have been working on (making it compatible).

Now, I was lucky(?) enough that my GUI editor (wxFormBuilder) made incompatible code as well! Luckily (really), it was just a small thing, and the GUI editor is open-source, so I managed to fix it by myself eventually.

So far, so good! At least until I saw that the splitters I added earlier now made the background color just gray (not white, like it should). Nothing made it use the Windows theme's white color. Not even setting the color manually. So... I did a pretty big makeover which caused lots of organizing code and what-not.

Here's what alpha 25 currently looks like:

I can now continue my work on the sorting.

Thanks a lot for your patience, again! It's much appreciated. :)

Monday, November 7, 2011

List sorting in DISE / Anonymous commenting on the blog (update 2)

I'm looking more into sorting items in DISE. I could do something simple, but I want to make something good. Something good takes time and efforts.

That aside, I have opened up for anonymous commenting on the blog. :)

I've been struggling with this for days, but I think I have my solution now. I still need some time to fix everything up. I just wanted to show you my first successfully sorted inventory, and that things should go better for me soon. Thanks for your patience! :)

Update 2:
Sorting is now pretty functional. Here you can see that the items are sorted alphabetically (and reversed) and by quantity/ammo. :D

Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Release: Alpha 24

Since I'm updating client/server code, I'll take this chance to discontinue auto-update support for DISE alpha 14 and earlier. All versions later than alpha 14 will continue receiving updates after changing a few things on the server. :)

I have been trying hard to figure out exactly how the attributes/unknown/level/dur/han (whatever to call them) work, but I am not there yet. If you're familiar with debugging x86 assembly code, you can give it a try as well. In game_x86.dll at offset 0x0046D0F1, the game reads that/those value(s). At time of writing, the offset is valid for the latest Steam version (updated 1.3.0).

My Steam copy of the game freezes when I attach the debugger (OllyDbg), so I am using "the other" copy which always just works.

What's new?
  • Display item names by technical name (e.g. "CraftPart_Battery") or friendly name ("Battery"). May be useful for telling the difference between some items. Please find it under Tools > Preferences > Naming.
  • Update-check uses less bandwidth when there are no updates available.