If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.


A list of features I plan to implement in the editor.
The list will be incomplete until I can fill it up with the things I have in mind and already have implemented.

Red means not started yet.
Yellow means work-in-progress, not complete or experimental.
Green means complete.
  • Edit/Respec/Reset skills
  • Change level/XP, cash, ammo
  • Heal up and refill rage charge
  • Edit items in inventory (base parameters are yet to be figured out, but play with the "attributes" field for now)
  • Change character type/class
  • Repair/Fix game-saves. Tries to restore some quest progress, but it's not guaranteed to work. You can also import progress from different game-saves.
  • Edit inventory (including Jin's/storage) and move/copy items between them.
  • Move/Copy items to a different game-save.
  • Add new items
  • Assign weapons to quick slots
  • Edit chapter and quest progress. I understand some of this but I could use some help with figuring out the rest.
  • Add/Remove weapon mods/blueprints, ID cards, news, tapes
  • Filter items by categories
  • Search through items you can add
  • Load game-saves for Xbox 360
  • Load already decompressed game-saves
  • View items' name using their technical or friendly name
  • User preferences
  • Auto-updating
  • View/Edit/Reset challenge progress
  • Reveal map
  • Steam Cloud syncing (no more "corrupted" and disappearing game-saves)
  • Sort items + save the order
  • Export/Import inventory
  • Export/Import game progress/quests
  • Export/Import skills
  • Apply mods to weapons in the inventory
  • Create the items needed for modding a weapon
  • Repair all items
  • Unlock chapters
  • Make weapons unbreakable
  • View info about mod blueprints (stats, required/base items)
  • Skill tweaks/presets