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Friday, April 20, 2012

Announcing Profile Viewer & Malware talk (update 2)

This is nothing big (yet), but it may turn into an editor later (pretty likely). This decision is based on a few things, such as:
  • read_profile is a command line application (and thus not very user friendly).
  • I just had some issues with my web host regarding read_profile.
The first point is pretty obvious. If you're not familiar with command line apps, it won't be straight-forward.

The other point is that my web host had received complaints because read_profile was falsely reported as malware. It was reported as malware by at least 24 of 42 anti-virus software on VirusTotal. Security specialists have however inspected the file and found it legitimate (of course). :)

To attempt preventing similar future issues, I will stop using executable packers such as MPRESS and UPX. File sizes will be larger but I still think it'll be more convenient. :)

Hmm.. Maybe I should aim for 42/42 false positives.. :D

Update #1
Needs a way to view custom/raw data as well.. Not too bad. :) By the way, this is the data for unlocked chapters, per character. 12 (hex) = 18.

Update #2
Oh well, might as well rename the program already since I added editing of all values except raw/custom data. Time to get that into the hex editor as well! :)

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