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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Release: DISE 0.1

Doesn't support Riptide yet, but I'm working on it. Better to release a "stable" update first. :)
I'll try to get links up here soon, but you may update within DISE right now.


  • New languages: Finnish, Polish, Brazilian Portuguese, Vietnamese, Turkish, Czech (was either missing in the installer before, or it was a bug that it was displayed at all). Not completely up-to-date with this release yet.
  • Added Japanese in-game texts from the DI Zombie of The Year edition (PS3).
  • New auto-updating system. It has been completely rewritten with a new look, and to somewhat allow updating DISE and components individually. If updates fail during installation, they will be rolled back. Uses encrypted/secure connections (SSL) thanks to CyaSSL by wolfSSL.
  • The executable is now digitally signed! This will hopefully reduce anti-virus false positives over time, and the signature can also be checked to see if the executable has been tampered with.
  • Stripped lots of texts not needed in the di-texts.bin files and optimized them a bit to save space.
  • Original unpacked size for all languages: ~15. New size: ~3 MB.
  • Redesigned most of the About dialog box, updated credits.
  • Potentially "unsafe" items are hidden by default under "Add item", and always shown in the inventory lists. These are items that can prevent normal gameplay. An icon is displayed next to these items. Under "Add item", toggle by right-clicking the list > Show unsafe items.
  • Fixed bug where attempting to repairing all items could "repair" items that cannot be repaired. Enhanced so that it will fix the condition for items that cannot be repaired.
  • Sync the required level for all weapons in your inventory with your character's current level.
  • Fixed throwable weapons not properly categorized as weapons.
  • Resolved issue #13: Move skill tweaks to a more obvious place.
  • Added a brief readme.txt.
  • Added changelog.txt.
  • Xbox game-saves will be displayed on the character selection screen assuming the game storage location is set in Preferences.
  • STFS packages are loaded immediately, bypassing the integrated package viewer. The file is repackaged and rehashed/resigned when saving. This wouldn't have been possible at this point without the XboxInternals library by Adam Spindler and Stevie Hetelekides.
  • Open from USB device without any 3rd party programs (Horizon/Modio); however, DISE cannot save back to device yet, so a 3rd party program is still needed.
  • Fixed bug #12: Painting outside the map paints the opposite side.
  • Fixed the ugly stripes that are mostly visible after zooming in or out.
  • Map names uses in-game text, so they will be translated assuming they are in the game already.


Sorry for not having links right now. You can however update from within DISE.


  1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. Sorry, I need to do some more work to get the download links. If you download and install DISE v0.0.55.34, you should be able to update to v0.1 afterwards. Sorry for the inconvenience!

    2. is it possible that after the xbox/pc version of the riptide save editor is done do you think you will work on ps3 compatibility with the save editor?

    3. Jared: Please my reply to your your comment further down.

  2. Just updated to DISE 0.1 and realize the riptide saves do not open yet excellent work so far though. I just want to make you aware, that with the other save editor out right now, when ever you drop a gun with unlimited ammo Xbox 360 (Flaregun or Nailgun). The game freezes. Other then that the editor out is good, but I know it will not be anything prepared to yours! Thanks Steffen!

    1. Thank you! I'll do my best. v0.1 is a "stable" update, so I need to work a bit more on the Riptide update. :) Going to check out the other editor, just for the sake of it. :) Would you mind telling me the name of it, or link to it?


    Download Ellipse beta and there is a built in Dead Island Riptide Save Editor by Kill Seth. Really good editor besides the one problem but Kill Seth says hes working on it he kinda just did a quick code and carried everything over from his original Dead island Save Editor. But I know DISE will be excellent!

  4. Thanks for all the work you're doing on this!

  5. Any new news? my progress got deleted i really need this editor

    1. I'm still working on it, but at least right now, DISE loads Riptide saves, seemingly fine. Skills, inventory items, etc are still missing, but it won't hold back an early release for testing. I'll fix a crash first, see if DISE saves without corrupting saves, then see if I can release it. :)

    2. Okay Thanks :)

  6. Steffen the most important thing to make sure of, is that when you make a gun with unlimited ammo (Especially Flare and Nail gun) is that the game doesn't freeze when dropping your. It does it with the other editor, even if you put in a low value like 9999 (Nailgun). Also when you drop a weapon it resets the gun to the original value like flaregun for example (1/7) when you pick it back up.

    1. Thank you! Will try to look into this. Will release a version of DISE soon that has a little support for Riptide.

  7. just curious when the xbox/pc version is working will you make this compatible with ps3 considering that riptide ps3 saves aren't locked like dead islands also love what your doing here ;)

    1. Hello! DISE should already support PS3 and Xbox saves for Riptide, but I've actually only booted up a modded save on the PC so far. Please try v0.1.2.1 of DISE. :)

  8. the open by usb flashdrive function isn't working neither are ps3 saves i tested 3 different flash drives 6 different saves (not all mine) all of the saves were us region it doesn't come up with an error (unless its a game genie flash drive) but it won't open at all