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Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Preview: Initial support for PS3 in DISE (updated Aug 2, 2013)

I decided to make much effort to support PS3, and I'll let you know the progress I've made the recent days.

First of all, DISE will be able to encrypt saves properly using the Game Genie web service. As long as you have a valid Game Genie license installed, DISE will automatically retrieve what it needs to communicate with the Game Genie web service. What's left is integrating it into DISE.

Next, I've taken flatz' pfdtool and turned it into a reusable library (and avoided the existing GPL'd code). In combination with my own code to handle PFD/SFO, I can show you some progress with real data.

There's more work to do but I wanted to share this as soon as it was somewhat worth looking at. :)

Simplified process (and my integration progress)

The Game Genie library is pretty much finished, and so is the other PS3 stuff. Now I'm just tying it all together in DISE. :)

Updated July 28, 2013.




Open saved game directly from the USB device.
Saved data on the USB device.

Game Genie license is installed and can be used.

Game Genie license isn't installed, but is supported.


  1. Interesting idea to get the possible full support. Is it possible to swap the european version with the usa version of game genie?

    1. Thank you!

      The US version of Game Genie includes a USB dongle, and I'm actually not quite sure how it works.

  2. How can I edit my dead island 1 save if my dead island save on ps3 is locked

    1. The only way to retrieve your DI save is by installing a CFW on your PS3; however, I'm not quite sure if Game Genie can encrypt it and prepare it properly to make it playable.

  3. @Steffen : US Version of GameGenie

    1. Install GameGenie
    2. Start GameGenie US
    3. A Window will Pop-up, Enter the Serial or put in the USB Dongle.
    4. Put in the USB Dongle in a Empty USB-Port, it will be Install the GameGenie-Dongle Driver, after that the Window dissapear and GameGenie is Activated ;)

    I have Both version of GameGenie , EU and US.

    Greez Kadaji

    1. That's useful info, Kadaji! Thank you! :)

      Since I have no way to actually see how it works in detail, would you mind e-mailing me so we can talk a little more? :)

    2. I've send you a Message here over the Chat :P

  4. youre doing a great job on this.