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Wednesday, April 1, 2020

DISE is now open source!

DISE has been a project most dear to me ever since it was born in year 2011. That still applies today even though I haven't given it much love over the recent years.

DISE has always been mostly a one-man project that took a lot of effort which has not given me a whole lot in return. Did you know that I have kept giving free support since the first release?

The project was neglected for several years in a somewhat incomplete state, yet it was impossible to abandon it. I debated with myself whether I should open-source the project and risk people stealing my hard work and taking credit for it. It was considered many times but protecting my child always weighed more.

By now DISE has a community and a lot of people know who made DISE. Even if someone tries to steal my work now, you guys know.

Opening up a project after almost 9 years is not an easy task. There are ugly things in the code that should have been done better. I would rather that you didn't see those things. Things will be rough in the beginning but we have to start somewhere and improve from there.

To start with, I have set up build automation, reformatted the code, removed secret files from the code base and started a new change history for the code. I wanted to preserve the history but I needed to make sure that there were no more sensitive files in the code base accidentally being made public.

If you are excited about DISE being open-source, why not go ahead and check it out on GitHub? You can look me up on DISE's Discord server if you have any questions, or send me a good old e-mail. :)

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