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Tips & tricks for Escape Dead Island

This page contains tips and tricks that can be applied using my game-save editor for Escape Dead Island.

Note that if you need to edit keys and values that do not already exist, you should create new ones.

Immortality / Infinite health / God mode

  1. Navigate to /sp_profiles/<any profile name>.
  2. Set one of the following values:

    bonus_health (string)2.2471164185778949e+307 (double)
    health (string)2.2471164185778949e+307 (double)

    Note: You can do this for all of the profiles if you wish.

    Note 2: You won't receive damage from enemies, but highly toxic areas are still dangerous.

Infinite spare ammo

  1. Navigate to /sp_profiles/<any profile name>/gear/ammo/<ammo type>.
  2. Set the following value:

    spare_ammo (string)2.2471164185778949e+307 (double)

    Ammo types (incomplete):

    • pistol_ammo
    • shotgun_ammo

Infinite ammo in the clip (no reload)

  1. Navigate to /sp_profiles/<any profile name>/gear/ammo/<weapon type>.
  2. Set the following value:

    ammo (string)2.2471164185778949e+307 (double)

    Weapon types (incomplete):

    • glock

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