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Sunday, July 1, 2012

Release: DISE


  • New/changed skill tweaks
    • Free
      • Medkits heal you completely.
      • Bought items, repairs and upgrades are free or nearly free.
      • +500% XP for kills and assists.
      • Fury lasts longer.
      • The new immortality tweak is now free.
    • Premium
      • 100% critical hit chance.
      • 100% critical chance when kicking is now included in the above tweak.
      • Become super fast while in Fury.
      • Updated Immortality #2 with another skill for reducing received damage.
      • +10,000% XP for kills and assists.
      • Elemental damage lasts forever.
  • Minor fix in a skill's description.
  • Some minor UI tweaks for skill tweaks.


dise- | SHA1: bead2e6a576fd65dc133584e4709a3eecebd3463

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