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Saturday, July 7, 2012

Release: DISE (update)

Update: I've uploaded a new copy with some text fixed/changed. I decided to use the same version numbers because not many people had downloaded yet.


  • New skill tweaks:
    • Free
      • Always find weapons in great condition.
      • Somewhat improved force with blunt/two-handed weapons.
      • Items are worth twice as much.
      • Instant knockout with blunt weapons.
      • Instant revival on death.
    • Premium
      • Knocked out enemies don't wake up for a while.
      • Always find upgraded weapons.
      • Enemies die when knocking you down.
      • Improved force with blunt/two-handed weapons.
      • Items are worth way more.
  • Basic Xbox content package viewer/explorer. You can extract files and open saves directly. You won't only get a message about using Modio/Horizon anymore.
  • Searches for your (PC) saves in one more location (GOTY edition by you-know-who), so you don't have to find them on your own.
  • When enabling or disabling a skill tweak, the UI is updated immediately to reflect changes to skills used by other tweaks.
  • Added notes and warnings for some skills.
  • Other less visible improvements.


dise- | SHA1: 85dafaa38537410da07f0e1755c08771bb7f5da4


  1. Can I open saved games that I copied from the XBox to a flash drive with DISE now?


    1. Yes. :) But DISE can't repackage them yet, nor can you just (yet) insert your USB flash drive and load it up immediately... So it's probably more useful for taking a quick peek at either saves or any STFS/Con package. :)

  2. does the premium features work if you play coop? If yes, only for you or everyone in the room?

    Thanks and nice job like always!

    1. Thank you! :)
      Yes, they do work in co-op games, but only for you. There are a few skills that will give some effects to everyone in your team, but quick tweaks for those are currently not implemented in DISE.

  3. that's awesome, one last question...

    It's all in the save file right? No dll or exes being modded?

    And can I choose to enable or disable the features?

    (haven't downloaded it yet)

    1. Nothing but the save itself will be modified, and DISE will also backup your save every time before saving. You can enable and disable skill tweaks and other features. If you however change skill points manually, skill tweaks may appear to not be enabled. In that case, just toggle them on/off to disable and you'll be alright again. :)

    2. pretty impressive :D

      I will be donating as soon as possible, possibly tomorrow.

      Thanks steffen!

    3. Thank you very much :D