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Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Dying Light has been released!

If you haven't heard of Techland's new game Dying Light, you should probably check it out!

I've received quite a few inquiries regarding this game, such as whether I'll make a save editor for it. The answer has greatly depended on the game's technical details, which I intend to look more at shortly.

At first glance, I can see that the structure of the game data is quite similar to Dead Island.

For example, inventory items and collectibles are stored here in the same format we're familiar with:

Dying Light\DW\Data0.pak\data\scripts\inventory\

The raw save data also looks quite similar – so much that I tried to load it up in DISE (which failed miserably).


  1. Thanks for your support! :)

  2. If you make a save editor for Dying Light i will love you, and donate 'cause i love your work.

  3. Hey I messaged you on twitter, but are you planning on making a trainer for Dying Light? If so, could you put in an "undetectable by enemies/special zombies" thing? That'd be great.

    1. Hey! Sorry, I didn't mean to ignore you. I wasn't quite sure how to answer since I haven't decided whether it'll be necessary to make my own. That might be possible, and it's a good idea to consider! Thanks! :)

    2. Please make a dying light save editor