If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Release: DISE

A lot of things are starting to come together now! :D

  • Reverted a recent change that was supposed to reduce flicker, because some people had issues (black areas, more flicker, freezing).
  • Made skill tweaks free:
    • Fury
      • Become even faster while in Fury.
    • Combat
      • Never get interrupted after being hit while attacking.
      • Knock out enemies when you receive damage.
    • Survival
      • Don't lose money when dying.
  • Added new skill tweaks:
    • Unbreakable weapons (all melee weapons).
    • Firearms master: No recoil, perfect accuracy.
  • Moved infinite health/stamina from Premium tab to Misc tab.
  • Minor UI tweaks/fixes.
  • Simplified how skill tweaks are enabled/disabled internally. May not make much difference to you.
  • Setup/Installation program.
  • Assets are included in the setup program.
  • Improved support for multiple languages (but not much is translated yet). Languages are included in the setup program.
  • Added basic search/filtering in mod selector.
  • Main window should always fit the desktop working area if the window is too large. Good if you have a low-resolution screen.
  • Fixed bug with saving the chapter number in some cases.

dise- | SHA1: 46029673fb96928c7fc5e1b4a042bec74fb29a12 (no assets/languages) | SHA1: 2fd3a2599224a722e100a3dedc3a0c34ac3582e5


  1. Hey Steffen After modding my save DEAD Island freezes on load screen any help ?

    1. Hi there! :)
      What did you do? Add some weapons, maybe?

  2. How do i add Damage to a weapon? Is it Attributes? Whenever i put in the damage i want it never works.

    1. I'm afraid it doesn't work like that. There's actually no way to adjust the dealt damage directly to specific weapons. At least not without modding the game. You can use skill points/tweaks to boost the dealt damage, but it will apply for all weapons. Other things like the level and rareness will also affect the dealt damage. The "Good" preset for "attributes" usually gives slightly better stats.