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Friday, September 14, 2012

Release: DISE

I really hope that this release will appeal to a lot of you. I gave you a preview earlier, and I have more or less copied that post here.


  • Consequent game-saves opened will not change the active tab to the preview tab.
  • Replaced the category lists with tree lists and added more detailed categories.
  • DISE cannot categorize 3rd party/unknown items anymore based on their name, because the category lists have been redesigned. It could be partly re-implemented later, but only for some items if so.
  • Simplified the UI for adding new items.
  • Added a "good" preset for the item attributes.
  • The "good" preset is used for newly added items by default.
  • Rearranged the layout on the inventory tab.
  • When searching for items, the list is updated as you type.
  • (experimental) Display items' original owner (AI/NPC or not). These items were not meant for the player and may not work the way you expect.
Release packages
  • 3 different zip archives are now provided:
    • Full: Same contents as the installer (everything).
    • Typical: Executable, assets, English game texts.
    • Minimal: Executable only.



dise- | mirror | SHA1: 21725304f1cbedb7467f398c71b0cb7429e5e5b6 | mirror | SHA1: f46939fdab2444c2aec2044c85abef269d7205ac | mirror | SHA1: 99a57390a0886f8e59ad50169c749f846ff0cbba | mirror | SHA1: 00526b60a57fa48a47db3a6b39093cad5ea438b1


  1. looks good as always but can't try it till later :\

    1. Thank you! I hope you get to try it soon. :D

    2. hey good work, but i modded it for xbox and when i mod the file it no longer is able to be used on xbox. why is that

    3. nathaniel: Thank you! I have replied to your comment in the other blog post. :) This can happen but not because of DISE itself. Still, I'm not sure what the real cause is. When this happened to me, I copied one of my existing saves (well, the STFS packages) and replaced the contents inside with my modded one. What I know is that the saves produced by DISE are actually fine and after I tested other people's saves, they worked fine for me.

  2. Hello!

    Just wondering, but can you make updater for this tool? When i check for updates (out-dated) it says up-to-date.

    Also, can you merge some kind of simple modelelviewer for this tool too? It'd be easier for some people to see what looking weapons they are getting, and maybe add measuretool to calculate item attributes so you can see your weapon stats or something like that. Thanks bye :)

    1. Hello!

      I'm sorry the updating does not work. It worked before I redesigned the whole updating system and while building my "backend" website. It has been down for a while but I'll of course try to get it back up again eventually. I have a slight decision problem regarding updating methods (code it myself or use a 3rd party solution). :/

      To make it slightly less inconvenient, recent versions of DISE displays blog posts/news.

      I have had just a quick look at models, and I wish it was easier for me to integrate such as tool. It would be really cool, though, if that was possible.

      Calculating the item attributes has been on my to-do list almost since the beginning, and there has been almost no progress. At the moment, it's not possible to calculate anything, and not even approximately. :(

  3. Hmm where in this new version can you add the stats that newly created items get?

    Your old version had an area to set quantity, level, rareness and so on, before adding the item. Was quite nice when you tried adding several items at once.

    If you set anything in this area there now, it seems to get ignored, and you always add a req level 0 item with rarity common..

    It is really annoying if you have to edit those stats for each and every single item.

    Bet this feature is still in there.. just "not this obvious" anymore.. so where do i find it?

    1. I see. I simplified that area to make more space for other things, in the latest version (, but yes, I can see why it is more annoying now, since you would have to edit items after creating them. You don't have to do it one-by-one since you can select multiple items, but I agree.

      I'll think about re-implementing those things in a popup window or something, so that they are hidden by default.

      Sorry for making it more inconvenient for you.

    2. Just letting you know that I'm working on bringing this back.

    3. I've brought it back (more or less) in the latest update for DISE:

      I would love to hear your opinion about the update. :)

  4. Hey, after putting things into storage/jin I was unable to place and/or remove items from my storage.

    1. Hello! I believe this can happen if you don't have enough backpack space.

    2. You can try to use a skill tweak to boost the backpack capacity. Just look on the Skills tab, click "Tweaks" and find it under survival (both sections). :)