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Friday, September 21, 2012

Release: DISE

In the previous update, I simplified the area where you could add weapons to your inventory, and the area for the default values was removed. After getting negative feedback on that decision, I made an attempt at bringing it back. The area is still hidden by default but it's only one click away. :)


  • Re-implemented the panel for default values for newly added items (see screenshot). The UI was also updated to match the "Modify item" area.
  • When adding weapons, you can now also specify whether you want them to be unbreakable or not.
  • Minor UI tweaks.



dise- | mirror | SHA1: eccef9562062cd57369b0c4166bcd596b6917188 | mirror | SHA1: 0f453eb1236d775e1ea7c5489e674e1fa9b45570 | mirror | SHA1: 8a44ae3c04e4929f9299da63b6b5fbf23ea4919b | mirror | SHA1: 4f10d89c130ec81e352bc5546bd56ee59a5cc3af


  1. Nameless Creature21 September, 2012 22:26

    Good to see this got up now.

    I'm gonna see the new feature, also don't mind seeing you on Steam if you got something interesting for me or so.

    1. Hello! Thank you (and yes, I have something to tell you)! :)

  2. you going to add co-op exp share soon buddie cause that would be usefull to help me friends level fast

  3. how are you supposed to use this with xbox? i try to save the file and it says it wont work..

    1. This method usually works well:

  4. hey, in the applying the mod thing it wont apply any mods i put on. or does it apply but just doesn't show
    ? please fix. other than that it works great

    1. Hello!

      If you wish for me to test your modded game-save, I should be able to see if there is something wrong or not.

      I also suggest that you update your game to the latest version if you haven't.

      I'm pretty sure the problem is not with DISE, because that has been the case every time from past experience. It would however be nice to verify it if possible. :)

      You can send the file(s) by e-mail:

  5. I like this modding tool but there are a few problems with this particular version. For one it will sometimes show the weapons and weapon mods as a really weird thing and I cant even understand it. And one thing that I dont like about this version is that I cant change a mod on an already existing weapon. I have to make a whole new weapon and preselect the mod I want on it.

  6. Hello!

    I replied here: