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Friday, September 30, 2011

Release: Alpha 5

Phew. The next version is ready, and hopefully a little better. :)

  • Preview: Added main plot progress.
  • On save: Asks you whether you want to replace your backup or not, or cancel saving.
  • Inventory: Should be saved correctly now, but I still need to figure out the modded weapons. You should be able to remove any items from your inventory without trouble (perhaps except "Fists", but I haven't tried.) Adding items is experimental. It means that there's no guarantee that it will work in-game, but you should be able to remove them (according to my assumptions) if they don't seem to appear in-game, or the game crashes. It's my intention at least, but you never know. :D
  • A few minor fixes (and some other super minor graphical glitches created along the way with the inventory list. Does not really make a difference).
  • There are two types of items (in the inventory) that I need to figure out exactly what they are. They will appear with the numbers 1, 2 or both in front of the name (so that I/we can hopefully more easily figure it out).


Fun thing(s) to test!
I am interested in what happens in the following scenarios:
  • When your XP is high enough to have unlocked equip slots, equip a weapon to the highest slot (perhaps all of them is more fun). Then use the editor to lower your XP so that those equip slots (with weapons still equipped) are locked again (maybe). Will the game crash, or will the weapons simply become unequipped, or perhaps they will still be equipped? :D
  • Ah... (゚Д゚|||) I think there was something else, but I forgot! I'll think about it. Perhaps it was nothing. More coffee, please! Oh yes! Fists! What happens if you remove your fists from the inventory? :D


  1. Hello there!
    I play DI using steam, does this editor work for those saves?


  2. Hello! Yes, it should work. I have also confirmed this myself, so you don't have to worry. However, you should keep a backup of your original game-save in case Steam Cloud/Remote storage corrupts it or replaces something you don't want replaced. :) If it doesn't work the first time, you can try again and see if it works! :D

  3. As to your second query:
    You are no longer able to select fists as a weapon. The slot they previously filled remains blank, and you are unable to access it in any manner. I only know because the delete was unintentional... x.x

    So here's a question:

    I had played through to level 35 or so, was on Chapter 14, and all of a sudden, my game crashed. Apparently this has been a common issue, relating to hoarding too much of certain components, whether by duping, purchasing, or simply hanging onto them instead of using them, and storing them in Jin's inventory. After a few hours of pointless research, I determined that there wasn't a way to salvage my game, so I began researching alternatives. In the process, I found that you could at least salvage your character, albeit without your inventory, weapons, level, chapter, skill points, etc. This lead me to your save editor, which I was able to use to at least reformulate a semblance of my previous character, and then on to play the game. When I attempted to open the original save file with your tool, it threw unhandled exemptions every try. Now, several chapters later on a new game with the old character, a bare-bones inventory, and coming up on Chapter 14 again, I'm again unable to open the save file in your editor due to the same problem. Any thoughts as to why that might occur? My game is still playable at this point, but if I get another destroyed save file, this game is going back to the store! lol

    BTW, your work is definitely appreciated!

  4. Scratch that last, just downloaded your latest, and it opens right up. Will update if it occurs later on down the line. Thanks again!

  5. Thank you, AdamH! It was interesting to learn what happen when you remove your fists from the inventory! :D

  6. I backed up my saves from
    C:\Program Files\Steam\userdata\88206458\13140\remote\out\save

    and then used the editor to reset skills alone.

    Now when I start DI, there are no saves games showing up.

    so I deleted the modified saves and replaced them with the backed up files. Still nothing shows up.

    What do I do?

  7. I have a suggestion for you. Please try the following steps:

    - Start the game.
    - Alt-Tab out of the game (do you know what this means?)
    - Place your backup save(s) into the directory you mentioned.
    - Alt-Tab back into the game.
    - Quit the game (use the menu,not Alt-F4).

    Please let me know if it helps! :)

  8. Steffen my friend,
    You are a genius. Dead Island ruined my fun but not letting me re-spec my skills. You let me do it, Thanks a million!

    I have to let all my PC friends know.


  9. I seem to always get your save is corrupted no matter what I do ;(

  10. Hyper: Perhaps the save isn't really corrupted. Please e-mail me and I am pretty sure we can solve your issue (also, please try alpha 6, which is the current release)! :)

  11. RE: There are two types of items (in the inventory) that I need to figure out exactly what they are. They will appear with the numbers 1, 2 or both in front of the name (so that I/we can hopefully more easily figure it out).

    did you figure out what these types are?

    Merchants have slightly simila numbers in the game files:

    which we never figured out fully.

  12. Oh yes, I made up those numbers to help me figure out something. If recall correctly, it had something to do with weapon mods or storage. I figured that one out. :)

  13. Also, I am not sure what kind of numbesr hey use on that link you gave. :o I may know more if I know where they are located in the game-save.