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Monday, September 26, 2011

Early look

Hello! For the last 2.5 weeks or so, I have been working on a game-save editor for Dead Island, which is now kind of ready to show to the public. It's currently designed for the PC version of the game, but I plan to support other versions as well (starting with Xbox 360).

Screen shot of the currently to-be-released alpha 1 version! The user interface will be improved, but does it look alright so far?

Current features:
  • Edit cash, ammo and XP.
  • Browse the weapons and other items the game has to offer, and ...
  • Add new items to your inventory!
The inventory page.
A few more screen shots will come today/tomorrow (depending on your timezone), followed by the release of the early alpha 1 version.

Please note that I actually should really not release it just yet, to spare myself hate-mail, but I have decided to release early and more frequently, instead of "when it's done"! You get to be a guinea pig at the same time! :D

I would love to release it right now, but I'll need to fix up a few things first.

Thanks for any love or hate expressed towards the (super early) user interface!

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