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Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Release: Alpha 4 (update 2)

The game-saves I was sent earlier now appear to load a bit more correctly. :)

Note: It says "alpha 3" but it is actually alpha 4.

Mod weapons may disappear in-game (I told you earlier about issues with those). For example, if you have "High Voltage Sickle", it will still be in the save (in the wrong list), but not in-game. This one is a bit tricky for me to figure out, but I will get back to work. :)

Update 2
I'll try to release Alpha 5 today. The inventory won't be fixed in that release, but until I fix it, you can choose to not do anything to the inventory and thus my editor will not touch it at all (it stays exactly the same as in your original save). This way, you can still reset skills and changes cash, ammo, etc, without affecting the inventory (which will be saved incorrectly due to modded weapons).

Also, some people seem to have corrupted saves, but when I try their saves, they are not corrupted after all. Hmm..



  1. Hmmm, Was excited about this, but for some reason anytime I edit anything it says the same thing in the game menu "Save Corrupted" I've even gone as far as to only edit my original save to only change 1 thing my money and give myself $10 more, then save... and even that still gives me the corrupt save message in game =\ using ver 1.2 btw

  2. Hi! The saves are often not really corrupted as I have tried the exact same saves on my own computer, and it worked in-game. However, please check out my latest post (regarding alpha 5).