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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Alpha 3 delayed (update 2)

I originally planned to release alpha 3 earlier since I fixed the issue causing the crash earlier, but I'm now facing some issues with loading the inventory. Currently, it appears to have something to do with mod weapons since they are stored differently in the game-save. I had not really tested this before, so now is my chance to figure out how go at it. :) I hope you didn't expect it to actually work! :D No, I am just kidding. It was my intention, actually. :( Now, I go back to work!

Please know that this will be a much more advanced editor than other simple ones that exist already. It's bound to have more problems and it will take more time to figure out things (not as simple as finding offsets and such).

Update 2:
The saves I was given earlier now load without crashing. It means that you may be able to view the save a little more like I intended in alpha 1, and still does not mean that it will not have any issues if you try to save it again and load it in the game. But hey, it's progress, and it should mean that alpha 3 will be out within the next hour(s). :) After that, I guess it's back to work. Again. Or perhaps some sleep. :D

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