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Sunday, January 8, 2012

Release: Alpha 49

I've had quite a bit of both big and small problems, so it has taken a while to get this release out. Everything is still not finished or perfect, but I think it's better that you can choose use it anyway, even with a some faults. Especially since syncing works again in this release. (*゜▽゜*)

The maps are not included, but are available as a separate download. Things didn't work out well, so only one size/quality per map for now.

Speaking of maps, you'll probably notice that your already explored areas will be have concealed spots all over it. This left me pretty puzzled. Then I loaded up many unmodified game-saves in DISE, and all of them had the same spots. This means that the game adds them. I can't think of a good reason why the game would do this. Is it a bug in the game? Is it used to hide things on the map (added "randomness")? Something else?

If you have explored a lot and you don't see any of those spots, could you please share your game-save with me? Thanks!

What's new
  • Application icon.
  • Opening screen:  Added Refresh button.
  • Opening screen: Added a button to open Preferences directly, when the game storage location isn't set. You also don't have to restart DISE anymore after setting it up.
  • Notification when DISE finishes saving (optional).
  • Visual map and editor.
  • Reveal/Conceal selected map.
  • Removed "Reveal map" from Misc. tab. It revealed every map in the game, and it had a small bug which left a some blocks concealed throughout the maps.
  • Friendly text for the map name on the Preview tab.
  • Replaced Steam auto-sync confirmation message box, and improved the text.
  • Rewrote parts of the Steam syncing process to avoid a crash that could occur when canceling the process.
  • Syncing works again (updated OpenSteamworks sources).
  • Improved error handling here and there.
  • Added support for crash/debug reports, but it may not work in all cases. At least you're less likely to need to explain the steps to reproduce the crash! :D Still, let's hope that it won't crash in the first place...
  • Minor changes.
Known issues with the features of this release
  • The map has ugly stripes when scaling/zooming. I haven't found a way to fix that with the class/library I use (geek alert: wxGraphicsContext/wxWidgets, which uses GDI+ on Windows).
  • Zooming/Scaling doesn't recalculate the new viewing area properly.
  • Scrollbars and scale/zoom list (next to the bottom scroll bar) are not implemented.
  • Crash/Debug reporting may not work in all cases.
  • Performance issues with the map on lower end hardware.
  • Other smaller things with the map and such.
Application icon

Opening screen (when game storage location isn't set)

Map (note that the game adds those spots on its own, for some reason)

Sync confirmation

Notification on successful save (development build, so it looks a bit different from the release)