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Wednesday, January 18, 2012

People who scream "virus/malware" makes me sad

On this YouTube video, user kc88kc allegedly got a malware alert when trying to use DISE:

How do you suggest dealing with this?

Please also see "Antivirus companies cause a big headache to small developers". I think it's a good read for anyone.

Here's the conversation on YouTube:

no work fool
malware it goes to your derectory and gives the creator complete control of your shit

Hello. I'm the creator of DISE, and I would like to ask you this: Do you think that DISE looks like a an effort to spread malware? I also didn't see any proof to back up your claim. I mean real proof, not some anti-virus program's lie. :) It's also not nice to call people fools. It *does* work, but it somehow didn't work for *you*. How do we solve this? I suggest heading over to my blog, then getting in touch with me via e-mail. Have a nice day! :)

yeh it is a effort cause i had to restore my computer the next day because of the malware poping up every time i boot my pc

I'm sorry to hear that. However, all I can say is that if you downloaded DISE from the blog, you got malware from somewhere else. If you don't believe me, try to read people's positive comments on my blog. DISE doesn't, and never will contain malware.

haha dude i build computers and make software for a living i downloaded right here i havnt downloaded any thing else had a fresh install of windows 7 and when i got the program it said malware found i let it go any way well clicked on the program and it opens and closes telling me that its a malware program used to get passwords and controll of my pc ps i restore my computer so have fun with that ass hole

That's what a false positive is called when the anti-virus program is wrong. If you build computers, you should understand what I am talking about. If you look real closely at the alert, I bet it says something like "generic" or "suspicious". If it doesn't, your program was plain wrong. However, if you're still rejecting the truth no matter what I say or what other people who have used DISE says, let's leave it at that.


  1. I learnt a long time ago that you can't educate idiots or use logic with them.

    It's an exercise in frustration and futility.

    Pre-Internet you rarely had to communicate with these fools, but those days are over and it's now an almost daily occurrence.

    1. Thank you. It does indeed seem to be unavoidable. :)

  2. If he's making software for a living, he could've rip DISE's code apart and see if what he's claiming is true. Should be easy for him.
    Anyway don't waste your time in this kind of people. Their born idiots!
    Almost as if its his talent! ^^,

    Anyway more power steffen!
    Always checkin' this site for your updates!
    Have a nice day!

    1. Oh! I somehow didn't see the part "making software". Then I am even more baffled as to how he could insist on DISE messing up his computer. Well, if he ever reads this, then I can say that IDA Pro is good (but OllyDbg is my personal favorite). :)

    2. And thank you so much for your nice words! It makes me happy to have you here checking for updates. :)

    3. ^^, no prob! ever since I stumbled on your blog, I've always been checkin' for updates!

      I agree IDA is good! Haven't tried OllyDbg yet though.

      I want to infect his pc with a thousand REAL malware and see his reaction! Ahahahaha!
      I despise those kind of people! So good luck to them!

      Anyway, have to go to work now.
      have a nice day! ^^v

      "OtakuSteffen" so your an anime dude too?
      Cool! ^^v

    4. (*゚▽゚)ノ Thank you, and good luck at work!

      Seems like you know what the word "otaku" (geek) means! I like Japan and I happen to like some Japanese anime as well! :D

  3. I suggest you ignore him and keep up the good work. It's a pleasure to see how much DISE has developed since it's early days. I haven't played DI for a while and still come back almost daily to check how things are going. It's a little miracle what you have done here.

    Thank for your work, keep it up! :)

  4. After reading through the article presented about Anti-Virus programs these days i am shocked. Over the past few years i have been using Linux Ubuntu. I have to say that if you want a virus free experience, Linux is the way to go. I literally, LITERALLY never worry about security, and have NO anti virus software because my operating system does not require it.

    Recently, after a move, i installed windows 7 along side a fresh copy of Linux and my old Linux (i tend to clutter OS's with tons of code, so i like to refresh every now and again). I am running windows 7 out of the box with 0 anti virus utilities. Some people would find this silly, but it is for 3 reasons. 1 reason is to preserver resources i need to perform the actions i need to perform. The other reason is because i don't find myself on the wrong side of the internet that much. If your not out downloading random torrents from a google search, and as long as you ignore the OBVIOUS fake websites like "" whenever your searching for a small exe or dll, and stick to reputable websites, you will be fine. The third reason is, it is so easy to just go back to my linux and use the windows partition to view the files i may have had there. Although i have not tested DISE in my linux (which im thinking about doing now) chances are, it runs great thanks to Windows Program Loader (Wine).

    Linux is not a giant command line with no interface, its 2012, its as convenient, in fact, more convenient, smaller and easier to setup and run than windows and chances are, it will run all of your windows software, or has an equivalent or better in the software center. Thats right, you dont need to scour the web for software for your linux, just open the software center and browse 1000s of utilities / software / games provided directly by ubuntu linux. Get off that windows man, time is short and resources are always limited.

    1. I'm sorry for the late response. Your message was automatically marked as spam, and I found it just now. :(

      I know I read it before, though, probably in the e-mail notification.

      I've used Windows since Win95, and can you imagine how relieved and happy I feel simply when things actually work the first time without any issues? :)

      Viruses are not an issue for me either even if I don't use anti-virus software (but I do use Sandboxie and sometimes virtual machines). I think it will continue to be a big problem as long as Microsoft makes room for 3rd party anti-virus companies (why should they anyway?), but also because of how its internals easily allows things like creating threads in remote processes, writing to their memory, hooking code anywhere, etc. Still, even I use these functions and would rather have them there than not. Not a fan of UAC bypass exploits either.

      After you mentioned Wine, actually tried DISE in Wine on Ubuntu, and it seemed to work with a few minor glitches.

      I definitely agree that nowadays, it's much easier and quicker (a bit obvious, though) to install Linux and have a working setup. I love that drivers and updates are downloaded and installed for you, and I love the Software Center in Ubuntu. Still, I like many Windows programs better (even if they are not free).

      One thing I don't like though (even on Windows), is that I still find myself using the terminal.

      I love Windows but one of the most boring things about it (in my case) is to install/setup everything according to how I want them. Windows is the most useful to me after spending a lot of time manually locating, downloading and installing programs I need. Some of them do basic tasks that could have been built-in.

      Windows surely has faults that makes me quite annoyed sometimes.

      Still, after trying to actually use Ubuntu and even Apple OS X quite a few times, it still feels great to come back to Windows, every time. Maybe it's personal preferences, maybe just because it's familiar, or maybe it's something else.