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Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Viewing maps in Windows Explorer. Useless but fun?

Well, at least the first time, for a few seconds...

While working on the map feature, I just felt like sharing this. I extracted this map from the game (256 tiles), and changed the window layout a bit (hid the panes) and icon appearance (large icons, hid text) while viewing them in Windows. I could view the whole map as well as scroll up and down this way. :D

Thinking about rewriting the way DISE currently draws maps, to make use of these tiles. They are 256x256 pixels so the quality is pretty good! ... And it would use lots of computer memory if you zoom out completely. Either that, or have the tiles in multiple sizes, or merge them all into one image and keep one big image in multiple sizes. Oh, sorry. It's my job to think about that and figure out which way is better. :)

Since I haven't made this kind of map before, it's taking some time. :)

By the way, try to count the black/gray dots/squares. :D


  1. If you are interested, we have all these maps put together already:

    The tomb of natives is not there, but uploaded.

    Hope that helps!

  2. The program is difficult to use now. the entire profile and character screen baffles me. the program was much easier to use before...

  3. the reveal maps works wonderfully! I am so extremely impressed by this feature!

  4. I have the maps now in the highest possible quality (4096x4096 pixels), but thanks! :) Oh, and I haven't been able to view the full size of your Resort map after clicking on it.

    If DISE is hard to use (I know everything's not good yet), I would really love to hear how it would make it easier and better for you! :)

    The only thing about revealing maps at the moment is that it will leave one small block concealed throughout every map. Of course, is fixed in the next version (just having some complications now). :)