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Sunday, January 22, 2012

What's up lately

I ended up burning myself out again, so I haven't been able to work enough on DISE lately. There are however a few features that are somewhat complete: "Heal up" instead of fine-adjustment of your health, refill your rage mode charge, and resetting your personal statistics and challenge progress. I also started rewriting the map feature for OpenGL. It's harder for me since I hardly had to use OpenGL before, but the result should be better than it is right now. :)

Content management system (CMS)
I've also started looking for a content management system and/or e-commerce (for free downloads) for my projects. I wanted to use Joomla with VirtueMart, but there seems to be some silly issues with it. I just want to keep downloads and information properly organized.

If you have any suggestions, those would be most welcome. :)

As an attempt maybe earn a little bit of money without charging anything for DISE, I am trying to put ads on the blog again. I didn't know the one I am trying now would be in-text ads, but still, I see that some people have clicked on them. Maybe they're alright...

Then again, I see ads telling me that I won an iPhone, which obviously isn't true. If the ads are bad, I'll try something else.

Edit: Hey, look at that! My blog is turning green! The blog may soon turn into one big, green advertisement itself. Hmm. I'll use something else. Don't worry, I don't like it when it's so easy to click the ads accidentally, and they stand out too much anyway. I like to click and select text with the mouse while reading.

Edit 2: Removed. :)


  1. For free (open source) Ecommerce check out Great software with very helpful community..

    1. I will check that one out. Thank you! :)

  2. Hello Steffen,

    Is there a way to add a function in your editor to remove each challenge?

    I realise I can delete and that removes them all, but it would be great if each one could be done.

    Thanks for all your work.

    1. Hi :)

      That feature is included in the current (unreleased) version, but that also removed personal statistics. It may be possible in the future to remove only challenges. If you're alright with losing personal statistics as well, you can e-mail me and I should be able to do it manually. :)