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Thursday, February 2, 2012

Ryder White DLC (update 3)

The new Ryder White DLC is out for Dead Island!

The DLC is said to have new blueprints and weapons.. However, it appears like there are not actually any new blueprints nor weapons in the .pak files for this DLC.

This is a screenie taken from the Steam Store:

Make note of the electrical sparks.. Looks like a Taser and/or some gun with the Taser mod to me. That probably means it is one of the "new" weapons and/or mods. However, the Taser mod was already in the game, but not available anywhere without using DISE.

I guess the only thing I need to add to DISE is Ryder's skill tree.

If you know more, feel free to comment. :)

Update #1
These blueprints are referenced in the maps or rewarded in-game:
  • Taser (zzz_Craftplan_Stungun)
  • Shocking Crowbar Mod (Gordon's Revenge Mod in DISE, since it was renamed)  (zzz_Craftplan_PatchAddon07)
  • Sticky Bomb Mod (Craftplan_Stickybombcraft). This is a reward from Antonio in act 2 of the main quest (without DLC), but maybe it can also be found somewhere in the DLC.
  • Bluntly Shocked Mod (zzz_Craftplan_Patchaddon12). Rewarded when completing the campaign. * Haven't confirmed this yet.
Update #2
These weapons are referenced in the maps:
  • zzz_Firearm_ColtRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_MagnumRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_M9RwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_DesertEagleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_ShotgunShortRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_ShotgunRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_BRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_CRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_DRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_AutoRifle_ERwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_BurstRifleRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_BurstRifle_BRwGen
  • zzz_Firearm_SingleShotRifleRwGen
Then there's at least the Taser (zzz_Firearm_Stungun) (obviously), which isn't referenced in the maps.

All of these were already in the game, and are also already in DISE, except for the weapons with "_B", "_C", "_D" and "_E" in the name (I can't recall if it's by intention or not).

Update #3
Added Bluntly Shocked Mod blueprint to the list.


  1. great find as always, will add to

  2. I must say the DLC itself is crap... I'm making a let's play for youtube ( however, I'm not enjoying it one bit...

    Here are the problems that I have come across:

    1. Too linear... seriously, Dead Island was good for a reason, you could go and do side quests... 1h30mins into the game and nothing but walking straight.

    2. Enemies... hold **** seriously if the makers think making a game heard bu ading 100 zombies running at you then they are idiots. More times than enough I have found myself picking up a weapon, to then look up and get attacked from all sides resulting in my death...

    3. Items... really why add items! I haven't even seen one trader!

    4. Can't level up, so I'm stuck at level 15... are you serious! that is what made this game more fun.

    Thoughts on DLC so far... drum roll please! .... CRAP! I would give it 2/10 mainly giving it two because it had dead island in the title... not worth even worth £7 (though I can see why they priced it at that in the first place)
    However good work guys n_n

  3. Thank you for your opinions, KS101! I don't blaim you since a lot of people seem to share the same opinions. Even I who haven't played it yet, can see that there's not much in the DLC that makes you feel like the money was well spent. :(

    1. Yea, one of the worst DLC's haha, though hopefully it doesn't make a big impact on the actual game, which is great! :D

  4. Nameless Creature13 February, 2012 23:33

    I tried Ryder White DLC myself, I actually liked it. I think people dislike it because of the "challenge" and misplace enemies, like there's always a bunch of infected running after you and such.

    If they balance it a little they can probably make it better, I liked the DLC, as I said before, the story is better than the main campaign.

    That's all my thoughts, the challenge on it was quite good, the final did actually suck though. This DLC makes you depend on a lot of crazy tactics instead of smart ones, like you see a thug, shoot him like hell instead of doing a tactical "Break/cut his arms" and such.

  5. I found two new weapon on InventoryPatch.scr, one is M60 and another is M72_law. They are a sniper rifle and rocket launcher. I tried to add them in player's inventory but it seems that the mesh files are not visible. Even when I search in .exp file of Ryder White DLC, I still can not find the present of those mesh (except mesh for M72_law). Have anyone found those secret weapons on Ryder White map?