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Monday, February 13, 2012

Preview: Alpha 53 (update)

There will be a few more visible improvements in the next release. Some people have said before that the opening screen had gotten more difficult to use, so I am trying to make it better.

Unfortunately, the chapter text is incorrect for campaigns other than the main campaign, because I have no way (yet) to know which campaign the game-save was started on.


  1. Ren: very cool!!

  2. Nameless Creature13 February, 2012 23:25

    Steffen, I noticed a thing called prefixes

    And if the prefixes actually do modify your weapon's attributes in some way, then is there any possibility you will add this?

    Or you actually added it already?

    1. I wanted to but I have no idea how to know which prefix it uses. It depends on the "attributes" which as far as I know, nobody as cracked yet. :(

    2. Nameless Creature13 February, 2012 23:35

      Thanks for the quick answer :)

      You mean you need, let's say "codes" instead of the Dead Island wiki to add the prefixes and such? Sorry, obviously not good at computers and all, heh.

      We can probably try getting normal vanilla weapons ingame without DISE and see it's attributes, if that's possible?

    3. The "attributes" is one big number but is made up of multiple smaller numbers. The game does calculations on the smaller numbers. What I/we need is to understand how the game does the calculations, how the smaller numbers relates to certain types of items, etc. Unfortunately, it's not as easy as 0 = Flimsy, 1 = Sluggish, etc.

      If we have lots of vanilla weapons of the exact same type. Preferably the exact same weapons, with different attributes.. We may be able to see similarities. Then again, the same numbers must mean something else for firearms.. Maybe it's not even as simple as that. :(

      Maybe it's actually really simple and I am just not smart enough. Haha

    4. More things to consider are multipliers (buffs, condition, etc). Inventory.scr (among others) is a script file that describes weapons'.. how to say... Base parameters? It makes it really difficult (for me) to figure it out unless we can perhaps remove all of the multipliers, then playing with the "attributes".

    5. Nameless Creature15 February, 2012 21:46

      Sounds like something that the official makers of the game can snitch about, like make an official modding engine for it, unless they did and I didn't notice.

      Or maybe there is still a way to get it, but very hard, or needs a special tool, etc...

      Anyway, I hope you'll find "Attributes" some day, it will make best guns yet, like a stronger or more durable Morning Star I always wanted. Good luck!

    6. Thanks. Perhaps one day (hopefully). :) The only way I can think of is by using a debugger (like OllyDbg) and watching what the game does with the value(s), step by step. Not that I haven't tried it already, though.. Haha

  3. Love it! More icons less text :)

    1. Thanks! All of the things on my to-do list for this release is actually finished. A few people experiences crashes when syncing, so I am trying to figure out why that happens to them.