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Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Release: Alpha 51

I've had a break from DISE for a while, so I think it's about time with an update. :) Valve also rolled out an update to Steam which broke pretty much everything related to Steam in DISE, so I pretty much have to to update now, whatever little I have to offer. :)

I couldn't add Ryder's skill tree in this release because the skills-screen in the game is disabled. He does have a skill tree, however, but you're apparently not supposed to level up anything. I think that if we find a way enable that screen, or somehow know the ID of the first skill (top-left corner), I can probably figure out the rest.

If you have played the Ryder White campaign and you can see the skill tree, please let me use your game-save for research. :)

By the way, there's still one strange crash.. Could be related to the map. If this happens, please try to reproduce it, then e-mail me. :)

Edit: Apparently, there could be something more causing a crash when starting DISE and/or when syncing. May be related to Steam. Anything that can help figuring it out is much appreciated!

Please make sure that your Steam client was built on Feb 3 2012. You can check from the main menu in Steam: Help > About Steam.

What's new
  • Refill rage mode charge (Misc. tab).
  • Replaced fine editing of health with "Heal up". You could not go beyond your max health anyway.
  • Renamed the following blueprints (why?):
    • Gordon's Revenge Mod > Shocking Crowbar Mod
    • Wolverine's Claws Mod > Rending Claws Mod
    • Police Brutality Mod > Bodily Harm Mod
    • Pick-a-choo Mod > Pick-and-ohm Mod
  • Updated Steam code to fix crashing with the new Steam update. Please update your Steam client or use an older version of DISE.
  • Reset personal statistics and challenges (unfortunately both at the same time).


    look at the pics from feb 09
    whenever i start a new game i am able to level yup and use skill points however if i load the save at all it resets and greys out the xp bar. the screenshot might help with the names but the save is useless because it relocks if you load it it has to be a new game to let you level up

  2. Thank you! It's helpful!! :D

  3. steam cloud sync dont work today :(

    1. Please check in Steam: Help > About Steam. The data should be Feb 8. It works for me but some people seem to have problems. I have no idea why. :(

  4. How to add a live ?

  5. Sorry bad google translation, I wanted to know if we could point our increased life (health / energy)

    1. Thank you for clarifying. :) As far as I know, it's not possible with a save editor. You can heal up your character, but it's not the same either. As far as I know, it can only be done by modding the game (which may not be difficult if you play on the PC). :)

    2. Too bad its not working, thank you

    3. I have an idea. You can add skills from multiple characters. Your health bar should become longer. :)

    4. Yes but the menu will not display / bug?
      And it be possible to have a statistical editor of arms? : P

    5. Hmmm....ithou works for me....took me a few minutes but i followed the directions....I AM however trying to figure out what setting or how to increase the 5 of a instead on the 100%....making them into the th do!ousands or whatever....i'm not too smart at this stuff but im sure there is a way and i just dont know how to do it...

      thanks Steph for all u do!

  6. The menu will display but it will be messy (too many icons). :)
    Also, do you mean editing damage, handling, etc? If so, it can't be done yet (and I am not sure if I'll ever figure it out alone). :(

    1. Anyway, thank you for the job you completely, and the editor's great!
      My Channel Youtube :P :