If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Release: Alpha 53

I'm giving you two versions of DISE this time. The regular release build, and a special debug build with logging enabled.

If you are experiencing crashes in the regular build, please try the debug build, then send the crash report as well as any log files DISE has generated (in the working directory or where you keep DISE). :)

To use the debug build, please start DISE using start_dise.bat rather than dise.exe directly.
(semi-geek alert)
It only (temporarily) adds the dep folder to the PATH environment variable, so that DISE can load dependency libraries from that folder.

What's new
  • Renamed blueprint: Taser > Stun Gun. The taser itself is still called Taser.
  • Added items' friendly name from the Ryder White DLC.
  • Redesigned the hero choice list on the opening screen.
  • Added icons to the tabs (skills, map, inventory, etc).
  • A few other UI changes.
  • Re-organized the assets package. Please get the new package if you want the new and old icons to show up. I feel sorry for making you do this, though. :)
  • Fixed and optimized loading of skill icons.
  • Fixed Purna's Survival/Picklock skill using the icon for Deeper Pockets.
  • Optimized/Caches maps. After the map(s) have already been viewed, switching between maps is faster.
Screenshots (same as before)


Release build (probably the one you want)

Debug build (if you want to help me track down bugs) - program debug database (if you don't know what this is, you don't need it)



  1. Nameless Creature19 February, 2012 19:27

    Found a strange bug;

    When I save what I edited on my save editor, it syncs, but Steam says it had an error. It's a false warning, everything is alright, but sometimes DISE syncs way too much and it goes into error two, showing two same errors instead of one.

    1. Interesting! If you're interested in helping me, you could try the debug release and send the log files. It sounds really strange. :S

  2. ive tried it out but for some reason whenever i load a edited save it seems to enjoy crashing dead island on that save

  3. in fact, every save seems to crash even non edited ones

    1. Hi! Do you play the game on PC and using Steam? If so, the only thing I can think of is that it may happen if syncing fails for some reason, or if you have moved your saves or edited them without syncing afterwards. If you're interested, you may e-mail me your game-save(s). I should be able to see if something is wrong with them.:)

  4. Steffen this is kill_seth from a while back. I needed to ask you a question about the level coding. I'm still using the same one you gave me:

    Dim Level As Integer = ((raw >> 3) And &H3F)

    Now when people open their save after getting a weapon from the blood bath, that give me an error. I remembered that one of the updates make the level cap rise to 60, so do I need to changed that? Please let me know if you can, I'd really appreciate it.

    1. Hey! I'm sorry, I forgot to reply to your question the other day. Hmm. This is for calculating a weapon's required level, but it hasn't really changed, though, even if the level cap was raised to 60. 6 bits (0x3F) can store a value up to 63, so it's still good. :)

    2. I meant &H3F instead of 0x3F (I am used to C++).

  5. When It syncing it says that is syncing is done but it doesnt disapearing!

    1. Its says that sync is done but message doesn't disapearing!

    2. Interesting. Was it successful anyway? Does it happen every time?