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Monday, August 5, 2013

Next update will be a bit delayed, but even better (updated Aug 7, 2013)

I had planned to release the update any day now, but it seems to be a bit difficult.

Due to the problem mentioned in the previous post, and because I need to redesign (authentication/session handling) some things in order to support both the European and USA version of Game Genie, it's taking more time.

There's also a problem with the web server (a feature I had on the old server is missing on the new one), and is the reason why the auto-update service isn't working at the time. They've been looking at it for days, so I'm not sure how longer it will take. Until they fix it, you can update DISE manually.

There's a digital download version of the USA version, and one that includes a USB dongle. The EUR/USA digital download versions both work fine in DISE. I think it should be fine if you have the USB dongle as well, since it's only needed to activate Game Genie.

Update (Aug 6, 2013)

Game genie and multiple regions has been sorted out. It was a choice between doing a full redesign or making decent adjustments.. And the decision landed on neither of those, but instead writing really messy code that works, at the very least. :)

The only thing that remains is the crash inside pfdtool. At this time, it looks more like a compiler/optimizer bug rather than a bug inside pfdtool.

Update (Aug 7, 2013)

For now, the problem has only been worked around, and the PFD-related stuff like encryption/decryption will run somewhat slower because I'm leaving code optimization disabled for some pfdtool code.

I can now prepare for releasing the new update for DISE, and I would appreciate some help with testing it before it goes out to everyone as an automatic update.

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