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Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Release: DISE v0.1.6.1 (for testing only)

I'm currently in need of some help with testing DISE. Any problems you meet (crashes, strange/unexpected behavior, etc.) can be reported via e-mail.

The the idea is to prepare for a new "stable" release. This one mostly features Riptide support and official support for PlayStation 3 (Riptide).

Riptide support is mostly the same as it was in the standalone Riptide build of DISE, with one or more fixes. DISE can now open PS3 saves directly from your USB device, and can re-encrypt either using Game Genie (if you have a license), or pfdtool (but makes saves non-playable).

Thanks for the continued support! :)


  • This build will not be provided via automatic updates.
  • You can manually install this version over v0.1 or later.
  • The version number is temporary; it'll be v0.2 or v0.3 when the completed update is released.
  • When using Game Genie, web requests are not sent asynchronously; they will block the UI, meaning DISE can appear to be frozen just for a few seconds during web requests, and when you close DISE (a request is sent to close the Game Genie session).

Current changes

  • Improved stability when unpacking updates.
  • Fixed possible memory leak and a possible crash during or after syncing with Steam Cloud.
  • Mostly supports Riptide. This means that the standalone Riptide build is discontinued.
  • Preview/Skills tab: Fixed not detecting when the game (DI/Riptide) has changed, and thus possibly displaying the wrong hero names.
  • Preview tab: Fixed displaying the wrong hero picture for DI saves (not Riptide).
  • Added Japanese in-game text from Japanese Riptide for PS3.
  • Official support for PlayStation 3. Saves can be post-processed by Game Genie (US and EU) or pfdtool (not yet playable). Since Game Genie only supports Riptide, DI saves will not be playable. Default backup folder is in the root of your USB device (e.g. F:\dise_backups\). Files are zipped to save space.
  • Fixed issue when switching release channel to a different one and back to the old one, where it would try to update to the same version in the same release channel.


Problem/Solution: This build of DISE depends on OpenMP: vcomp110.dll. Fixed in DISE v0.1.6.2.

dise- | mirror (10.1 MB) | mirror (11.3 MB) | mirror (9.48 MB) | mirror (4.23 MB)

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