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Thursday, August 8, 2013

Release: DISE v0.1.6.4 (for testing only)

Please see the previous posts for more details.


  • Improved Game Genie error handling.
  • Updated Game Genie file IDs (why did they change anyway?).


dise- | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (10.1 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (11.3 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (9.49 MB) | mirror 1 | mirror 2 (4.23 MB)


  1. First of all I would like to say thanks For the great save editor Yours is the best by far I was more than happy to donate to you. I have a question why is it that on one of my game saves I can drop a homerun harpoon gun with a ton of ammo but on a different game save if I try to drop it it freezes my xbox?

    1. Hello! Thank you very much! :)
      If you're dropping only the weapons themselves, them I'm actually not quite sure. If I recall correctly, then at least individual ammo "items" in your inventory can freeze the game. Sorry, I don't remember exactly. Does it happen with only the Harpoon Gun?

    2. It happens with The harpoon gun the nail gun and the flare gun But only when they have a lot of ammo it does not seem to matter what mod is on it I made another version with less ammo it will let me drop those but when I drop them they have zero ammo