If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Easier modding for PS3

I've written and uploaded a simple tool and short guide that aims to make it really easy for people to mod DI saves. Please note that it doesn't magically fix the issues we're having.


  1. It may not fix the issues we're having Steffen but it does make modding a whole lot easier for everyone. Now that I'm familiar with using command prompt once again thanks to your help. It's a great tool and I'm glad you made it, big help!

  2. This makes my save not appear in the Play menu. I can copy it fine from my USB to PS3 but in game I can't use it I followed ALL STEPS correctly

    1. Yes, you're correct. The issue is still getting it working on the PS3. Working on finding a solution, though. :)

    2. Yes we sure are Steffen ; ) and it's just a matter of time and extra research and we'll have it working eventually.

    3. Hey Patrick I think you'll find that we're all stuck on that final step which is getting the game to load our updated save properly, we'll solve it eventually.

  3. my save loaded perfectly and it also let it me play it,but the weapons that i put in didnt show up, but i know sooner or later we are going to find the solution and this did make it a whole lot easier to mod :)

    1. Great we're glad you can at least get your game to load your save, which is a good thing. The only thing we need to work on now is how to get the save updated after modding and readable so the game loads it. We will crack this safe soon, we're not giving up on this. Me or Steffen or someone will get it working ; )

  4. I'm giving the testing a rest for now but I will carry on with more tests tomorrow after work ; )

  5. hello everyone i have a lead on how to get it to work but u need to use the riptide and u can only add little things like medkits and it will show ur save on di riptide buut they dont appear on the game soo maybe this helps? also u need to overwrite the current di riptide save thats on ps3 so make sure u made a backup...also i did not do the decrypt $hit on bruteforce i just used the helper to do it then used the helper to encrypt it or watever it duz hopefully that helps u all but i have an idea maybe convert gamesave to xbox then mod then change back?

  6. Last night I went through several different things for this to work.
    I started with the easier things first.

    -This was tried on a none modded console.-

    Here is a small list of what I've tried:

    Software - What I did - How it turns out
    di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 - helper p & f - WORKED
    DISE - Open and Save (no changes to the file) - WORKED
    DISE - Reset skill points - WORKED -- No change
    DISE - sync all levels - WORKED -- No change
    DISE - Removed all inventory - WORKED -- No change
    DISE - added Zed's Demise (Inv & Stor) - WORKED -- No change
    DISE - Added Legendary Pistol (Inv only) - WORKED -- No change
    DISE - From 2x - 50x Stingray Tail - WORKED -- No change

    WORKED = The save file loads in the game.
    No change = The file loads but there is no change in-game. As in, whatever was altered isn't visible.

  7. I Used di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 with p Command, working fine.
    Open my PS3 Save into DISE, everything fine.

    Added some Items and Weapons.
    Saved, and used di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 with f Command.
    Copy it back to PS3, Save wont showed up in Main Menu (Continue)

    After that i'll used GameGenie used QuickMode for Max Money, copied it back to my PS3, and look there, you can Continue with your Modded Save, with the Items from DISE, but Unbreakable isnt working for PS3, one hit at Monsters and the Weapon is broken.

    You have to Repeat that everytime...

    1) di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 p
    2) Open DISE and PS3 Save
    3) Mod it and Save
    4) Use GameGenie QuickMode (MaxMoney) , wait until its Done
    5) Copy back to PS3
    6) Profit

    1. Sorry for Reply my own Post...
      Thats how its Done.... forgot to add the Helper with f

      1) di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 p
      2) Open DISE and PS3 Save
      3) Mod it and Save
      4) di-save-helper-ps3-rev2 f
      5) Use GameGenie QuickMode (MaxMoney) , wait until its Done
      6) Copy back to PS3
      7) Profit

    2. Hello,

      Thank you for sharing this!

      I've tested this and verified that it works! :)

    3. I've posted this info on the front page:

  8. Next time im Using my Nick, sorry for Anonymous.

    Yeah GameGenie is a nice Tools.
    But its hard to Say, what it Corrects on the Savegame, maybe CRC32 Checksum or MD5, or whatever :o

    I Hope you can get it Work in the Future, with DISE
    I really love DISE.

    Greez Kadaji :)

  9. Argh... Sorry Steffen for Spaming here ._. ...

    Thanks for Posting this with GameGenie :)

    Greez Kadaji

  10. Can someone "Correct" my Ps3 Save for me?

  11. Hey! i have a problem! my Ps3 Dead Island Save's are blocked! how can i put it in my usb?!

  12. does anyone have a video tutorial on how to use my dise editor on dead island it works awesome on riptide sorry im not tech savy so i dont understand all this and it says you can use it on both di and di riptide my email is

  13. I'm new to this whole modding thing if someone could assist me in a mod menu or a crash course of some sort it would be amazing of them. Playing dead island for ps3 for the first time and hunting for ammo just to have to turn around ten minutes later to hunt for more is repeatively irritating and I just want infinite ammo and a decent fire arm I don't plan on getting to in depth with modding my game too much.