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Friday, May 3, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.

This is a pretty good update if you need to edit your skill trees. In the previous update, DISE was very strict with skills because it had no idea what to do with unknown skills. Now, unknown skills will be ignored/untouched so that you can edit the known skills! This also means that having weapon proficiency skills is no problem, and probably also no issue if you have hex-edited your skills or used a different save editor!


  • Better handling of unknown/broken skills. These are written back to the save untouched. Editing skill trees can now be allowed.




  1. Consumables and Special Ammo don't seem to be saved quite right for Riptide. After saving with DISE ( they consume backpack space until you drop them and pick them up again.

    1. I would love to look into this. Do you have a save I could look at that has some/all of the special ammo (picked up in-game)? Thanks!

    2. I've had a look at this and it looks correct after all. If you add them into your inventory, they are supposed to take space, because they are not meant to be carried that way. The actual ammo count (reserves) is stored elsewhere in the save.

    3. It seems like you were right after all. Special ammo doesn't seem to be put into the right list of items when saving. Going to look more into this and fix it! :)

    4. This has now been fixed. :)

  2. Skills show I have -245 Points, I added 2 points to 1 towards the Fury & 1 towards Combat, now I'm seeing Purna's attributes, as well as mine.

    Some of the Tweaks still don't take affect, like "Moderate stamina, or Moderate ammo capacity, or moderate backpack" but the "Find twice money in loot" does.

    I hope that helps, keep up the good work!

  3. Been experiencing random crashes, only starting happening after DISE, happening to anyone else?

  4. My apologies for leaving several messages, I forgot to mention that the character I've been using is "John".

    The crashes seem to happen at random when I go for uppercuts, if it helps, I'm using the "Assassin's Poison Brutal Brass Knuckles".

    It seems that, so far, if I avoid using Fist/Knuckle based attacks, the crashes don't happen.

    1. Hello,

      I'm afraid I'm not sure about the in-game crashes.

      Skill tweaks in DISE are not supposed to work properly yet. You would have to edit skill trees manually for now. Here are a few you can make:

      Since this is about spending more points than you have available, you will see that you have too few points in-game.

    2. The old skill tweaks should now work in Riptide:

  5. will this save editor ever be avalible to ps3?

  6. Hello, I can't find my Dead Island Riptide save. I was looking for it. I found 9 saves, but none of them was the right one. (I have only one character now)(Lost others somehow). HELP

    where I was looking:
    C:\ProgramData\RELOADED\EDIT steam_rld.ini\216250\storage\out\save
    D:\Program Files (x86)\Games\Dead Island Riptide\save\out\save

    Any suggestion would be useful.