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Friday, May 3, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.

Thanks for the continued support! Please report any crashes and other bugs. :) Thanks!

This is a rather large update, mostly featuring the new skill trees.

If you've edited your skill trees previously...

Please note that if you've edited your skill trees previously (using DISE or any other editor), DISE will most likely refuse to let you edit your skills until you reset your skills. This is to prevent breaking your current skill trees. The goal is for DISE to deal with skills correctly, and thus it has to be more strict.

Weapon proficiency skills

I still need to do more testing with weapon proficiency skills, but I think that the main skills work pretty well. For now, you may have to reset your skills if you have any of these skills, but only until I have enough info about them.


  • Implemented skill trees for all of the main heroes in Riptide! Skill tweaks have not been updated yet.
  • Worked around blank friendly name for collectibles (show internal/technical name).
  • Fixed duplicate dev. craft blueprints.
  • Recognize .prr (Riptide profile) files.
  • Fixed some UI/paint glitches on Skills tab. Was noticable after resizing the window.
  • New skill icons, hero image for John (in a separate update).
  • Fixed error message "invalid map key" when no in-game text files are installed.
  • Ryder's skill trees have no images now, and some skill names are broken, but I'll try to fix this later. It's because of the internal changes for handling text and images. Ryder's skill trees were not meant to be viewed by the player anyway, so the game devs didn't have to do a proper job.
  • Disabled all code optimization because compiling DISE took way too long. Performance and file size is slightly affected.
  • Some UI fixes related to skills/tweaks.



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