If DISE is stuck trying to update, run this command in Command Prompt.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Release: DISE (Riptide)

If needed, get help with problematic updates.

An update a lot of people have waited for. Since I haven't yet tested everything, feedback is most welcome! :)

Please note: The skill tweaks that makes use of Ryder's skills will not work properly. It may not make much difference, but of course, please do report anything that doesn't work.


  • The old skill tweaks should now work in Riptide.




  1. Some of them are working and some are not, for example, "Enemies won't attack" isn't working.

    1. Sorry Steffen, but seems that I have been mistaken, actually the option is working in-game, but the option keeps unmarked on dise if you restart the program, though it is working in-game, as I said before.

    2. Sorry for the delay. Thanks for letting me know. I belive that issue was fixed not long ago. :)

  2. I think there is now a bug with not being able to put weapons and items into game now.

  3. Steffen, I currently use Riptide. I am very sure that I put in all the information correctly. I used a nosTEAM pirated version. These are the bugs that render this tool unusable for me.

    1. My Lvl 70 Sam B doesn't show up. Instead, a lvl 15 Logan on the first mission does.

    2. No riptide maps.

    3. No riptide items.

    4. No riptide anything.

    5. There are a few riptide chapters, but they're mixed up with the main DI

    Sorry if I sound like an asshole but I just told you what's wrong if you try and use it with Riptide.

    1. Hello,

      Based on the info you have given me, it sounds like you're loading the wrong save into DISE. You may have multiple game-save folders, and DISE is probably setup with the wrong one. :)

    2. Thanks for the quick reply.

      Thing is, I only have one save game. Here's where it gets kind of tricky:

      In-game, I have two savegames. One with Purna, another one with Sam B.
      Out of game, in my save folder, I have save_0.sar.

      I have none with Logan, nor have I ever even had.

    3. Hi Steffen, I have the same issue, I got only one save folder, and it show up a lvl 15 Logan with nothing in the inventory, like it's a new character.. I have two savegames too, one with Sam B, and another one with John, and none of these Chars show up.. Can help me pls? :)

  4. You should look into profile editor, for Riptide it should give only 13 chapters, not 18. It causes issue when starting game from custom chapter - says save corrupted and profile gets reset!

  5. How do I get to be a premium member on DISE

    1. Sorry for the delay. Please see this: