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Sunday, May 5, 2013

Workaround for backpack capacity issue

For some reason, some things can take space in the inventory when they shouldn't (medkits and alcohol).

To work around this, you can spend points on the Deeper Pockets skills. All main heroes have this skill in the Survival tree. Each point gives +2 slots.

You can gain +160 slots (more if you're a premium user) by spending 16 points for all 5 main heroes' Deeper Pockets skill.


  1. Also note that to free up the space you can either drop the items and pick them up again or, with fewer clicks, move them to the storage locker (Henry) and then bring them back. The storage move lets you move a whole batch in one operation instead of one item at a time like the drop & pickup.

  2. U noe there's other called Hand-Held Mini Gun ? i think u should add this. Iso mod can have Hand-Held Mini Gun but what about mod tool ??? plz add this gun if possible..... by the way the turret minigun