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Monday, May 13, 2013

Release: DISE 0.1.5 (Riptide)

If you have issues with updating from DISE v0.1.4.2, please send a bug report, then temporarily fix the problem.

This is a big language update, and has other fixes as well. :)


  • Fixed language not showing in DISE: Čeština (Czech).
  • New languages:
    • 日本語 (Japanese) (Special thanks to ステフェンの大切な人!)
    • 简体中文 (Simplified Chinese) (Thank you, eroneko!)
    • 繁體中文 (Traditional Chinese) (Thank you, Vito Zhang!)
  • Added in-game text for languages Czech, Russian, Simplified Chinese (translated by 3DM) for Riptide.
  • Display English and native language names in the language selection menu.
  • Updated Norwegian translation.
  • Fixed issue when English in-game texts where not installed.
  • Fixed issue where viewing skill trees may not have updated some skills correctly the 2nd time you viewed them.


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  1. Will this work with the original DI?

  2. Can u update with the fist cuz it still won't allow to requip anything

    1. Sorry, could you please share more details about the problem so that I can try to reproduce the issue? Thanks!

    2. I mean dat Fist slot cannot equip anything including fist. At Slot No. *2*

    3. Can you please explain carefully what you've tried so far? Thank you!

  3. when modding a weaponj with a mod that is not supposed to be on it, like a sharp weopon with a magic wand mod, will that mod work or cause some glitches?

    xbox 360

    and great job putting out all these updates, never seen an editor with so much work behind it

    1. Thank you!

      They may still work alright, but not all of them. :)

  4. hi,i use dise ive been using for a month or 2 months now and its amazing i recommend it for anyone who wants to have a 100% more fun in the game iam soo happy that i found it its the only hack on dead island and riptide that works and its realy easy to use,thanks alot a ton Steffen :)


  5. fyi there is other editors out there ut nothing that can stack to the hard work applied in Dice

    1. Thank you! There is still room for improvement, but I hope to make DISE even better than it already is. :)

  6. Does resetting the Riptide profile already work? I noticed it shows 2 "default" now in the profile part of your editor.

    Btw can you mark which one is Dead Island, and which is Riptide? In the saves you can see it by their endings of .sav and .sar - but i am unable to tell which profile is which. Maybe you can also extend the markings to the savegames, so even someone not looking at the endings can tell if it is dead island or riptide

    Thanks for your amazing work so far!

    1. Hello,

      Sorry, I have not done much work on the profile stuff for Riptide, but I believe it should work. I'll do something about the file extension as well so that you can find the right profile more easily, as well as figure something out for the saves.

      Thank you! :)

    2. I've sorted out the profile list by adding the game name as well for Riptide. If you have profiles from both games, they will be listed as follows:

      default (Riptide)

    3. I've solved the other issue (saves) by adding the Riptide logo for Riptide saves. :)

    4. Thanks :) - will make it easier for those who have both dead islands parts installed.

  7. Replies
    1. I think he's trying to say does DISE work for the PS3, to answer your question Anon it doesn't work for the PS3. Well not yet anyway ; )

    2. Hey John (have not had much time to reply). I think it's important to emphasize that DISE supports PS3 save, but there's currently no known way to make the modded saves work on the PS3. :)