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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Release: Alpha 28

In order to get it out today, I had to leave out unlocking chapters. If you read my earlier post, you may recall that I had troubles with memory corruption and such, so it has taken some time for me to fix up things. The list of improvements and new things is a little longer this time, so I hope that makes up for the wait and that the promised chapter-unlocker this time. :)

One more thing: All skills could not be reset before (such as Logan's Boomerang), because there was another set of references to them which I didn't know about before. They are cleared now, so please check if everything will reset properly now. It's confirmed to be reset properly now. :D

Please see this post.

What's new
  • Improved resetting skills (all skills should be reset now.. hopefully). 
  • New opening screen (load game-save/profile more easily). 
  • Show items' mod blueprint (inventory list) + sort. 
  • Show items' color (inventory list) + sort (white/normal-orange/best). 
  • Mod blueprints are sorted alphabetically (Mods/Collectibles tab). 
  • Available items are sorted alphabetically (Inventory tab). 
  • Allow you to skip an update. 
  • Added "Check for updates" in main menu (under Help).
  • Added "Close" in the main menu (under File). Use this to get back to the opening screen. 
  • Move/Clone multiple items between inventory/storage at once (like before, hold down Ctrl while dragging and dropping). 
  • Main window's size is saved and restored. 
  • Repair items. For now, just "Repair all". Weapons' condition is set to 1000, so the condition indicator may look funny in-game, since it may overlap and you may see a hole in the middle of it, or it may just look like it's not full.
  • Improved handling of items' names (especially when no friendly name was found). 
  • Updated texts from the game (there's nothing new, they are just a little more correct).
  • Improved error detection/notification when syncing.
  • Some smaller changes.


  1. great tool but i have question, when i add new weapon add the cahr level to 54, the damage is only 1 in game and the weapon cannot upgrade
    where is here the prob?


  2. That's where the "attributes" comes into play for the moment. I'm afraid you have to experiment until I know better. :(

  3. Well done Steffen! The reset skills problem is solved.

    Like the new look also. Gratz.

  4. I'm glad! Thank you very much! :D

  5. A friend of mine used an old smokey mod for the katana or the zed's demise sword... is there a way you can add or make mods to this editor for the weapons?

  6. Oh yes, I have planned to add support for that! I'll see if I can get that in the next release! :)

  7. Sorry, I need to make sure I understood correctly. I thought you meant assigning mod blueprints to weapons in your inventory. Is that right?

  8. Ah lol, yes and no, I was thinking if it was possible to make mods to work for the weapons, such as the hot rod mod work for the katanas or, create a newer mod for w/e weapons you desire.

    Also, on Mods/Collectibles tab, what do you down on the bottom where it says unknown section?

  9. Oh, I see! It's not possible to create new mods without editing the game's data files, or create new ones.

    I have no idea if it's possible to assign mods to weapons not meant to have that mod, but I'll add that feature and we'll see if there's any effects. :D

    The "unknown" section is for adding mod blueprints and other collectibles, e.g. 3rd party mods you have installed. You'll need to know the ID/number of those mod blueprints, though (or simple try a range), since I'm not sure how the game identifies them from the numbers. :(

  10. Also I almost forgot lol...
    I tried editing one of the weapons of a grenade/gun to make it think its a Hatchet, Knife, or a Sword, so like for an example.

    I saw the M-72 weapon shooting grenades out of a pistol in witch I thought it was funny but made me think of something else.

    I want to make one of the weapon slots hold up to 30 or more Hatchets, swords ect. and throw one or use one as my choice instead of open my inventory and add another weapon to throw, so I figured if you can add a Qty/Ammo to w/e you want just the same as grenades. Is there a way you can do that as well? Would be cool as hell if you can lol and if so, your the man bro 2 thumbs up for this add on.

  11. To be honest, I was trying hard to imagine it before giving my answer (I didn't want to ask you to explain it more to me). Sorry! It looked funny in my mind, though. :D

    The thing I was not sure about was Qty/Ammo w/e (sorry, not sure what "w/e" means). It works with regular weapons, just not your modified weapon? If I understood correctly, then I don't think it can be done, but I would be interested in having a look at it (your modification)! :D