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Saturday, November 19, 2011

Alpha 28 delayed

I have been struggling so much the last days and I have really burned out my energy while doing so. :(

The problem is memory heap corruption. If you know what that means, you know that it's difficult to find the exact location and it may be very time-consuming.

I have also seen some strange stuff happening with updates (crash). If it crashes, I suggest downloading it from the blog post.

I can at least share with you the things I had planned for this release:
  • Improve resetting skills (all skills should be reset now). A person commented and mentioned an issue while switching character and some skills transferring to the new character.
  • Unlock all chapters.
  • Show weapon's mod blueprint (inventory list).
I really wanted to release it early, but it is just impossible to release it before I fix it all up again. It could take some days. I need to regain some energy as well.

Thanks for your patience.


  1. My suggestions:

    - Show item color
    - Allow to unlock every skill
    - Search function

    Thanks and keep up with the awesome job!

  2. Hey please take it easy and the outcome would be great.
    Lykke til!! :D

  3. Tusen takk! :D (Thank you very much)
    Jeg prøver i hvert fall! (I'm trying, at least)

    By unlocking skills, do you mean e.g. Guardian (Purna), Boomerang (Logan), etc? All the skills should be unlocked once you have enough points to spend (you could change your level and/or reset skills). Did you mean something else?

  4. you should add a feature that allows you to select a mod blueprint, then add one of each item you need for crafting to your inventory, with the base weapon being an option or picking one for it.

  5. Steffen, this is easily the best save editor I've ever used, and I have almost every one available.

    Thank You so much, if you were female I'd screw you. :D