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Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Release: Alpha 32

Some embarrassing problems were fixed and some other things were improved/added. My lame excuse is that I was really tired before releasing, and I really wanted to release before going to bed. (; -_-) Oh, that's right! I work for free! :D

What's new
  • Search through items that you can add.
  • Switched the spin control for "attributes" to a regular text control. The spin control allowed for a value up to 2147483647 while the real value can be up to 4294967295.
  • Fixed a bug when clearing a mod from an item. Mods would appear like " (text is missing)". I don't know if it has any negative effects in-game, but if you experience this issue, I suggest clearing the mods again now.
  • Removed Clear-button in the list of mods where you can add items. I thought it was not needed, and it would crash DISE anyway. On second thought, it is needed after all, so I'll fix it and add it back in the next release. Oh my, I need to rest now.
  • Fixed a bug when opening uncompressed Xbox 360 game-saves (crash).

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