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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Release: Alpha 24

Since I'm updating client/server code, I'll take this chance to discontinue auto-update support for DISE alpha 14 and earlier. All versions later than alpha 14 will continue receiving updates after changing a few things on the server. :)

I have been trying hard to figure out exactly how the attributes/unknown/level/dur/han (whatever to call them) work, but I am not there yet. If you're familiar with debugging x86 assembly code, you can give it a try as well. In game_x86.dll at offset 0x0046D0F1, the game reads that/those value(s). At time of writing, the offset is valid for the latest Steam version (updated 1.3.0).

My Steam copy of the game freezes when I attach the debugger (OllyDbg), so I am using "the other" copy which always just works.

What's new?
  • Display item names by technical name (e.g. "CraftPart_Battery") or friendly name ("Battery"). May be useful for telling the difference between some items. Please find it under Tools > Preferences > Naming.
  • Update-check uses less bandwidth when there are no updates available.


  1. Very informative indeed.
    Please keep up the good work :D.

  2. Thank you very much! I'm trying! :D

  3. I'm guessing "the other" copy means SmartSteam ;P. As far as I noticed from testing, the Level value manages the color and preset attributes for each weapon.

  4. I mean the other "other" copy. :D
    You're right. I have also seen _some_ consistency, such as...

    Level Dur/Han Color Prefix
    19999 0 Blue Sturdy
    19998 0 Green Worn
    19997 0 White Ordinary
    … … … …
    19995 0 Violet Tough
    19994 0 Blue Sturdy
    19993 0 Green Worn
    19992 0 White Ordinary
    … … … …
    19991 0 Blue Sturdy
    19990 0 Green Worn

    29999 0 Blue Strong
    39999 0 Blue Cruel
    49999 0 Blue Strong

    I think it would be good to test the same type of weapons.

  5. Thanks for the great work you have done with this. Enjoying your tool a lot.
    I'd love to be able to save my Inventory from one game and "import it to another game" if that would be possible for a future version. Spend a whole lot of time to farm legendary weapons and it would be nice to be able to start with those, without having to copy paste all the item level stuff.
    Best Blade Weapon I have found so far is "eviscerator" lvl 60 wakizashi with 2475 base damage (12772) ...

  6. Thank you, Myrddin! That's a great idea! I'll note that down! :D
    While it's possible, the weapons' base parameters (or what to call them, such as damage and duration) may be regenerated by the game, though. I am not sure how to prevent this if it is possible.

  7. I answered your latest comment, but please let me know if I need to explain better. :)

  8. Awesome Save Editor, just choosing good weapons are near impossible because of the whole level, durability options that make no sense. Any chance those are getting fixed? Or has somebody worked it out?

  9. Elliot: Those values do make sense, but you gotta play around with them to understand how they work. As far as I know, the lower your Level value on the editor, the higher Level your weapon will get in game. Also, don't lower or raise the value too much, or it'll give you a level 60 weapon with no stats. Hope that helps you ;].

  10. Thanks :D I'm trying that now, another idea is to set up a page where people could log weapon stats, saves time for future people.

  11. That's a good idea, Elliot! :)

  12. Is it just me or its true that versions earlier than 1.3 work better with the editor?

  13. Hello! Could you please elaborate? If something is wrong, I also suggest e-mailing me. Thanks! :)

  14. This version is very old, so please get the latest version (currently