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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Release: Alpha 27

Another release so soon, which was mainly meant to fix an issue with date/time (after upgrading wxWidgets). However, I didn't feel good about releasing something that did nothing new for perhaps most people, so I managed to get a useful thing in here as well.

What's new
  • Change your character's level regardless of your current level. From 60 to 1 is okay. :)
  • Fixed a crash related to date/time.



    I will be glad if you check my thread (:

    Thanks again and it's river**** you remember? xD

    BTW FREAKING AWESOME WORK ON THE EDITOR! Do you know if VAC scans the save folder?

  2. Oh yes, we exchanged mails before! :D
    Thank you for your kind words!
    I can't say for sure if the folder is scanned, but I would assume not. Of course, it's possible to reverse engineer the VAC engine and see if it scans the folder, but it's a bit too tedious for me to find out. :D I believe that if something's scanned, it would be the actual game files (.pak, .exe, .dll, etc). Especially if you play online with VAC enabled, the game's memory will probably be scanned among other things in memory. I have not heard nor read about people being banned either. I'm afraid what I'm saying isn't anything new, though.

  3. The most useful tool for Dead Island players indeed, congrats again.

    And I realised something curious: different colors have different prefixes, but the prefixes are similar between colors.

    For example: white weapons have spiteful prefix for the maximum damage, and purple ones do so with lethal prefix. I could see it when I converted a spiteful magnum, white, to purple. It turned into a lethal magnum. This makes me think all colors have the same prefixes (unless orange ones) and these prefixes add the same multipliers, thus they are only different in its names.

    Not sure wether it's true or not, but if you have no info about it yet, you should try looking in this direction.

    Thanks for your effort developing it.

  4. Thank you! :)
    You're not totally off!
    The prefix is the same for some weapons and different for others. Without looking very much into it before, I figured it probably had something to do with the weapon's type, but I didn't make sure at that time.

  5. As far as I am aware you shouldn't have any issue with VAC, I used the same sort of program for Borderlands and had no problems.

  6. Thank you!

    i've lost all my inventory and level, so now i can play again, it was so boring to do all over again ...

    But, do you think you can make something to be able to begin to an other chapter ?
    One of my friend had a corrupted savegame, so he has to start from the beginning again ..

    Thank you so much for your work !

  7. Oh yes, I actually know how to unlock chapters. I had forgotten about that! :O Thanks for reminding me!

  8. Its crashing when updating...

  9. I like this program alot but there is an issue by changing the heath, like mine says 225... three hits by zombies im down, not happy with that...
    So I tried changing it to 400 or more reasonable number, not like being "god" wise. But it does not work at all, it changes back to 225.

    Is there a way to bypass that???

    BTW thank you for the program for PC, (I hate the console systems) it reduces the PC gamers allot lol

  10. Sorry, Metrix, there's no way to bypass that without changing the game's data files, or using a trainer. :(