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Saturday, November 12, 2011

Release: Alpha 25

Note: Seems like the attributes' max value is too low. I thought I changed it. It doesn't do much good to most people anyway, so I won't release a new version just to fix that, but instead implement changing the color and required level first. :)

Note 2: If DISE seems to crash, try to click No (just continue running it). This is probably because of some incompatibilities with the new wxWidgets, and should be alright if you just click No. :)

It may not seem like a whole lot has changed in this release, but a lot of things have changed internally and caused another bunch of problems. One problem after another. However, most of it is hopefully sorted out now. In the not-unlikely event that you find strange bugs, just spam my e-mail inbox. :)

I left out some things for this release so that I could finally get it out, then bring them back in again later. :)

What's new
  • Upgraded wxWidgets. Makes the UI look slightly different overall and maybe behave differently in some cases.
  • Updated Open Steamworks sources. Someone apparently had issues with syncing, so maybe this helps.
  • Sort your inventory (and currently only that). Can't save the new order yet.
  • A little more flexible UI (inventory). Your customized layout can't be saved yet.
  • Improved spin controls. You can press Escape to cancel input (old value is restored).
  • Removed the ugly icon I added earlier in the list column headers (for now, even though it was planned for this release). 1 click = sort ascending (a-z), 2 clicks = sort descending (z-a), 3 clicks = don't sort.
  • Show/Hide item categories has been removed (for now, even though it was planned for this release) because of the layout change. You can still use the splitters, though.
  • Changed the Level/Dmg and Dur/Han fields into one field (like it is originally). It's too technical to use for most people anyway, and it makes it easier for geeks like me to do some testing. :)



  1. So how does the Attributes thing work, exactly? Do you know yet?

  2. Yay for new release!

  3. I know partly how it works now, yes. This is the full number which was previously level and dur/han.
    I am now working on implementing a way to change items' color and required level. :)

  4. The new release is awesome.

    Thank you so much Steffen, I'm not normally easily impressed, but I've spoken to you via email several times, and your skill and politeness is to be applauded.

    Thanks mate.

  5. Ooh thank you very much! :D I appreciate your kind words! :D

  6. Thank you for the release!
    Appreciate your hard work!