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Sunday, November 27, 2011

Release: Alpha 29

This release was meant to only add a feature to assign mod blueprints for items, but I guess you don't mind that I included some more improvements. :D

You can now open game-saves for PC and Xbox 360, as well as uncompressed ones (for both formats). If you have access to game-saves for PS3, then I assume it will work in DISE as well. It's not tested much, and I hope it doesn't interfere with the existing support for PC game-saves.

To open Xbox 360 game-saves, you have to:
  • Use Modio, Horizon or similar, then extract your game-save. The first save_* file(s) you'll find contains the actual game-save, so open this first and extract the actual game-save.
  • Load it in DISE.
To save Xbox 360 game-saves, you have to:
  • Save it in DISE (open an Xbox 360 game-save first).
  • Use ModioHorizon or similar, then inject your game-save.
  • Remember to rehash/resign if it's not done automatically.
What's new
  • Experimental support for Xbox 360 game-saves. I haven't been able to do much testing yet, so I suggest not using it for anything serious (but please go ahead and test).
  • Open uncompressed game-saves.
  • Improved detection of (non-)supported files.
  • Assign mod blueprints to items. I haven't made any restrictions, so you're free to test this with any item.



  1. So far I tried Dev.mods for different weapons...
    My best is the Homerun Mod of the Dev.#2 Craft for the heavy pistol, and the Phoenix Mod for the katana.

    Im giving you 100% thumbs up on alpha 29 bro

    Also the attributes code..
    I made the best code for all weapons for lvl 60.

    Just put in: 90236388 in that slot for any weapon of your choice. the highest damage on record I made. The original was: 10236388

    I was disappointed the hot rod mod didn't work for the katana but the phoenix mod did so im happy now.

    Thank You so much to add the mod section bro!!

  2. anyone got a good mod to put on weapons? I tried the hot rod on my pistol but the burning crit effect dont worked :/ also the home run with dev mod #2 is super overpowered,really :p

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  4. Oh my, that's funny! Haha :D

  5. I put the dev craft #666 on a McCall 9mm,and the results are really good,the damage of the weapon on zombies arent a great thing,but because of the dev weapon,the damage become 500 (base) damage + 2.300 (mod damage) the heads of the zombies will not explode,but they will receive all the damage that was suposed to get from the normal dev mod,and when you do a crit shot,well,this is really funny :3