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Friday, May 18, 2012

Changelog for DISE

Since I skipped the list earlier, here it is. I have left out the things that were not ready to show you. :)
  • Improved unlocking of chapters. No need for having played with a character previously to unlock chapters for that character.
  • Removed the condition field for items when adding them.
  • Allow changing the current chapter, map, location spawn point and active quest.
  • You can add multiple new items to your inventory at the same time (right-click > Add selected).
  • Allow using the quick slot for fists (unlock in Preferences).
  • Improved compatibility with large text/high DPI (dialog boxes).
  • Add custom items to your inventory (does not create new types of weapons).
  • Added more inventory items.
  • Items' color is shown graphically, and the text shows the actual rareness.
  • Make melee weapons unbreakable!
  • Look for the game storage location in more places (you're less likely to need to set it manually).
  • Updates:
    • Automatically checking for updates is disabled by default for new users.
    • The first time DISE starts, asks whether it's allowed to automatically check for updates (before connecting to the internet).
I'm trying to see how a "Donator's Edition" would work out and what you think about that idea. It currently has the features listed in the post for v0.0.55.13, and there will be more convenient functions.

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